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For me, I think 6th grade is too young to be dating. However, if you really want to, you should find out what kind of person she is before you ask. That way you can ponder if you really want to ask her or not. If you do, just go and ask her. The least she can do is say no or yes, --K _____________________________________________________________ A; dude just grow up and ask her out dnt be scared jee i mea its like a lot of guys are so scared to get rejected

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Sixth grade science what is purpose?

to learn about stuff you will need next year. Trust me

Who is Jane hanson dating?

Well I think this girl is 6th grade which now she is going on to 7th grade! And she is going to be in Video Production next year!! But I have a girl friend which she is going to 8th grade next year with me!!

How do you get a hot girl to like you in eighth grade?

I actually followed one of the answers on wiki answers. I went over to the girl I liked and sat next to her.

Do sixth grade shots hurt?

Yes, the next week or so your arm are going to be in severe pain.

How can you get a girl to sit next to you at the movies in 6th grade?

ask her to, or ask if you can sit next to her.

How can a girl tall if a boy like her or not in middle school in the 7 grade?

He'll want to be next to her, but not to extreme as there still young.

If your in 7th grade how do you get an 8th grade girl to like you?

tell her how beautiful her eyes are. girls love to hear that. and walk next to her in the hall and ask her about her day or weekend or whatever. GIRLS LOVE COMPLIMENTS

How can i get a sixth grade girl that is a good friend to like me?

k ima 6th grade girl and i like one of my good friends so here's my advice. FLIRT! make it not to ovbious though. but dont be just all buddy buddy. jealousy can help them get a clue. spend time with her and sit next to her at lunch. call if you forget homework. it may take some time. or, if you're ready to tell her, a note would work if you cant say that you like her directly to her face. good luck!

What are the release dates for America's Next Top Model - 2003 The Girl Who Makes the Grade 19-1?

America's Next Top Model - 2003 The Girl Who Makes the Grade 19-1 was released on: USA: 24 August 2012

How can you tell if my girl like a next man?

only if your a girl too.

How do you send a love note if your a girl in 7th grade?

Sneak it into his textbook. Or subtly pass it to him, if he sits next to you.

What does the phrase girl next door mean?

It means to be like a common girl,typical, average, a girl you'd find next door.

How do you know when you have a crush on a guy?

I like a guy In Sixth grade and his name is hayden I never new I liked him until he sat next to me In class and we started to talk about love and how it is not a feeling it's a choice and now I know I like him cause he is so sweet and we have something in common

Im in sixth grade and you like this girl but you are in different classes and you dont know what to do?

Im a girl and in the 6th grade also....... girls like it if you just go up to them and say: HI, i think that you are really nice and i really like you. Then go from there.From Nelson_98I really like this girl in the same grade but different class then me? But we see each other in band class. I am in grade 6. I already asked this girl to the dance and she said no!!! She has a best friend or cousin. I'm not sure. How do i find that out? and also I want to get this girl to come to me to the next dance. I want to be able to but i need help!!!! Other people think I'm an nerd but I'm not!!!! I am a cute guy even the grade 8's said it!! Anyways today some other male grade 6's see the girls ( this includes the girl i like and her best friend ) jumping and holding each other in the arms. The guys call the girls Lesbians. I tryed telling them that their not but some other girls went after them already. Should I go for it or what? Some Other people told me to become friends with her but i don't know how? It be great for a response before Halloween!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nelson_98

Why is that guy blush when there is girl next to them?

Did it occur to you that guy could like that girl

When to know a girl likes you in 7th grade?

When a girl likes you usually she's mean to you somtimes if she's mean she really hates you, but when i say mean i mean making fun of you teasing what not, also if she likes you she is always trying to be next to you wherever you are like if you saw her 30 seconds ago she'll find you 5 seconds later. she always tries to impress you. if she laughs at everything it's obvious. most girls love to hug if she hugs you she likes you. if you like her too watch her but not to obvious use periferal vision see what she does but when she is next to you don't start talking about her like insulting stuff it's annoying. I'm in sixth grade but i have put 8 people together in a week trust me this works.

How do show that you like a girl in your 6th grade class?

sit next to her in lunch class and be extra nice to her and throw her lunch away and walk her to class and make sure you dont smell bad.

What does it mean when a girl in 6th grade say they i love you?

That they have a crush on you and will probably love someone entirely different next week.

What is level 5 in ballet?

Grade 5 is simply a grade in Ballet, like year 5 in school. You don't necessarily have to complete it, I didn't, to get to the next grade, Intermediate Foundation.

How can you get an 8th grade girl to like you if your a 8th grade boy?

# 1 Drop hints that you like this girl. If your in the same room or have a bus route together, don't be afraid to sit next to her. # 2 Make sure whether or not she likes you, you never know. Do this by asking her friends if she ever mentions you. # 3 Form a relationship as a friend with her first. As being an 8th grade girl myself, I like to know the guy before I go out with him. If your already friends with her, your on the right track. #2 answ: I was an eighth grade girl once. Found out 25 years later that the guy I liked, liked me way back then, but was too busy playing games that he never just asked me. Just ask her.

How do you get a really cute sixth grade girl to like you?

First off, what I would do is buy some Cologne. Girls love a guy that smells great. Next, just be yourself! Being someone else is a big turnoff for girls. Then, you can try talking to her, to get to know her better. You want to become friends before letting her know you like her. Finally, after you've completed all of these steps, you can ask her to go out or something!! Good Luck!

How can the word higher be used in a sentence?

I would like to go to a higher grade next year.

How do you know if a fifth grade girl wants to ask you out?

A 5Th grade girl can be open to you at one point then hidden again , being a friend of the family or gave love notes to that boy in previous grades. If a 5Th grade girl wants to ask you out it goes like this, a girl can sit next to the boy and be shy to talk or ask him anything or be open and talk about the school choir, a shy girl can go on a field trip and be open and ask questions like Did you talk about me when you were on vacation? or Do you have a FaceBook account? Then go back to school afraid to talk to that boy. So the point is if you like a girl don't be afraid to ask Do you like me? and get on with your life but if you are afraid practice talking to a stuffed animal, action figure, anything or get out your yearbook, find the picture of the girl you like, cut it out, draw a heart over her, kiss it, whatever, then practice saying, (Name Here) I knew you for about (Enter Time Period) now and I like you and all I wanted to know was if you like me? Then you'll know and get the girl or not!

How does a Fat fifth grade boy get a fifth grade girl to notice him?

ok here are a few tips 1.always be yourself 2.try to lose a little weight 3.try to sit next to her at lunch 4.ask her who she likes 5.flirt somthing for her like Cary her lunch tray or books follow these tip because im a 5th grade girl 2 Im a 7th grade boy and have expirence with this kinda stuff. She is right. i used to be over weight but i did that stuff and i got a HOT German exchange student to be my girl friend. like i said she is right.

How does a 6th grade girl get a 7th grade boy to like her?

Do something snazzy, like, wear toed socks so that he notices you. Then do something cool the next day so he has his eye on you, and then he realizes how cool you are.Also you could hang out at the places he likes, find out what he likes and do it, or just start talking to him, start a friendship, and wait! (Mhs72)