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Be observant. See what things she seems interested in and approach her about those things. Notice things about her that you can comment on. If her hair changes or you like what she is wearing, say something nice but sincere. If anything from school is coming up or an activity in your community, ask her if she would like to go. Have fun...

2007-06-24 23:11:45
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How should you act cool around your popular friends?

It really depends who your friends are, you shouldn't have to put on an act around your friends. Its best to have friends that accept you for who you are.

You have some friends how should you act around them?

If they are new friends you should not be very close to them. You should not reveal your personal details.

What should you do if you've been rejected by a guy you really like?

Just because he rejected u dosent mean the world is over. be urself around him and maybe he will ask u out.

What should you do if you think you are starting to like your friends boyfriend?

If you are starting to like your friends boyfriend then I would recommend not trying to get into any relationship with his/her boyfriend you might be rejected and either way you will more than likely loose your friends relationship.

How can you get friends?

Just be you around them and they should like to chill with you.

What should you do after being rejected?


Should you give flowers for Valentine's day to a girl that rejected you?

No. If a girl rejected you and you give her flowers, she might feel pressured or stalked. If she rejected you, she probably meant it, and you should accept that there is no possibility of a romantic relationship there.

What should you do if one of your friends likes a boy and the boy likes her back but she rejected him when he asked her out?

What should YOU do? I think you should leave them alone, because it's their business if they want to go out! If you REALLY NEED to know, ask your friend why she said no!

What should you do when a guy asks you out but you rejected him?


Should foreign aid be rejected?

No, it should not be reject but only limited.

Should you ask a guy to a Sadie Hawkins dance even though he rejected you?

no!!!! if you get rejected once, why go for it again?????

How many witness should be court marriage?

their should be around 20 people because that is your family and your friends.

A boy asked you to lunch with his friends but you get nervous easily and his friends are super werid what do you do?

if you like him you kinda like him you should go it will be a good chance to see if he can control his friends around you, and if not that's good to know before you start dating him because he should be able to tell his friends to chill around you and if he cant that will make for a terrible relationship in the future so you should stay clear of that.

Should you call your crush that you rejected?

Yes totaly!

What should you do if your friend tells you your crush is a loser but she is friends with him?

Believe her, she'll know him better than most. * Your "friend" may have been rejected by your crush so she's kind of mad at him.

How do you get a girlfriend that has rejected you many times?

If she has rejected you more than 3 times you should move on. And that is not a suggestion. She doesn't like you.

Should love be ignored over friendship?

i dont think so. if your in love with somebody, your friend should be able to understand (if they are a true friend that is.) some may get impatient that they do not get as much time with you as they used to but that is when you discover who your real friends are. Good friends are understanding of how it is to be in love. But remember, your friends wont stay friends with you for long if you ignore them completely.

What should you do if a boy dumps you but still likes you and wants to stay friends?

Well you should be friends with him and try to be comfertable around him but iahve to warn you it will get very akward to be around him if he gets another girlfriend or lets ay you get another boyfriend

Should the hypothesis be supported or rejected based on the experiment?

That depends on the result of the experiment. The experiment is a way to test a hypothesis, and it's completely fine if the experiment disproves the hypothesis. Ideally, though, the experiment will support the hypothesis.

What should this be friends or friends'?


Why should cans swollen ends be rejected?

chlorine gas

How many stones should a 12 year old weigh?

they should weigh around 6-8 stone which is perfect and completely healthy.

Why do your friends hate you and talk about you behind your back?

If they do do that you should avoid them because they are two faced people... you shouldn't hang out with them! Get some new friends and maybe try to make them jealous or make new friends and ignore them completely... I hope this helps yhuu :)

Should you try again for the same guy if he rejected you once?

take it from me ive been rejected by a guy more than once and now we are goin out. so if your friends tell you no dont do it and you really like this guy you should ask him again but dont over do it. if he says he needs to think about it give him a couple of days but always remember dont ask him every day : yes or no

What should you do if you like your best friends ex boyfriend?

just see if the person you like likes you back then if he or she does be completely honest and tell ur friend