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go ahead & don't be afraid take a chance

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Asher, Jonas friend, he was a three he asked and he got smacked afterwards.

* Best friend or not this is wrong and masturbation should be a private issue with each individual. Friends should be honest with each other so don't be afraid to say 'Sorry, I'm not comfortable with that.' If he persists then get down right blunt about it and say 'No!'

If you already asked a girl out that should be the beginning of friendship. Try and call her, ask about the happening on her side.

If you asked this before they created the Kinzchat Plus, well, they were designing and building the Plus room. Afterwards though, it should work.

It counts on what he wants her to do

No you cannot unless you asked asked him out or he asked you out and the answer was yes

Liam doesn't know where they've been so he has to bring his own spoons when he goes to his friends houses. He's been afraid of them from about 10 years, but if his girlfriend asked him to use hers he would because he doesn't want her to be sad

if you're uncomfortable about talking to the person on a new relationship level, you should stay friends

Apparently, they are not true friends. Friends are suppossed to stick by you. If they don't agree with your sexual preferences, that's fine, but hating you because of it???? Find new friends!

Some times people are just friends. And most of the times the friends are people she can fall back on if you should ever leave her. The spear tire.

you could say something like "i'm flattered, but i feel that we should stay as friends"

You shouldn't hide anything from anyone. If your together then you should show it, you shouldn't pretend to still be 'just friends' if your not.

I think when a boy is afraid to ask you out that means there afraid you might say no, you might already have a boyfriend, or his friends just might be tricking you Wait till high school, there usally not afraid i dont think at least, but just wait until he comes up to you and finds out everthing about you... My brother was afraid to ask this one girl out, but she was outgoing and when she saw him she alway's said hey, then oneday he finally asked her out lol, she told me that actually!!! ;)

You should asked each person separately and mean while you should look for other company too.

if you like him you kinda like him you should go it will be a good chance to see if he can control his friends around you, and if not that's good to know before you start dating him because he should be able to tell his friends to chill around you and if he cant that will make for a terrible relationship in the future so you should stay clear of that.

You could say that you would rather stay friends, but that you appreciate him asking.

It depends on why she said no, give her another chance and see what she says. If she says no again, without an explanation, perhaps you should move on.New Answer HeadlineYou should get to know her, as friends, and maybe it will lead on from there if she was truly into you. If she wasn't then, you two will stay friends and she won't flirt with you.

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