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------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You need to find a girl who likes you. You may also have to work on your ability to make friends. You need to do good things that will cause you to get positive attention from others.

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Does your girl like someone else?

Dont ask any one else you should ask her.

Should you tell this girl that you like her?

Answer Sure you should. How else will she know if you don't tell her.

Should you like a girl who like someone else?

you can like her but that doesnt mean that she doesnt like you too

What should you do if you get your first kiss from a girl you use to like but you like another girl?

Tell that girl to leave you alone, because you like someone else now...

What should you do if you like a girl that likes somebody else?

give her a chance she might like you back eventually

A girl in your class likes you what should you do?

If you like her, go and ask her out for the movies or such. Otherwise, tell her she should look for someone else.

How do you make a girl like you if she likes someone else?

You should show him\her the real you and not some fake image of you

You like a girl but she wants to think about going out with you what should you do?

Wait if it's important, move on if it is not. Not a lot else you can do.

Should you ask out a girl who already knows you like her?

You might as well go for it before someone else does.

Should you tell another girl you like her if you told one girl you like her and she hated you?

Of course. Go out on a limb. You never know if this new girl will like you or not. Just because one girl out there doesn't like you, doesn't mean no one else will! Good luck!

What should you do if the girl you like likes someone else?

You shoud try to impress her and most of all be sweet and kind to her.

How often should a 7 year old girl wash?

every two days like everyone else

What should you do if people think your girl friend is weird and they don't like her?

dont listen do them, if u like her, be with her no matter what everybody else says.

What does it mean when a girl you're flirting with says you're a handful?

DUDE, it means she doesn't dig u.... aka, she thinks u're 2 much 2 handle. get over it. if U like her a lot, then tough luck :D but otherwise, if u're just flirtn, get over her & find sumbody else Hav Funn :D

Should you dump a girl you don't like?

You could have a time where you and the girl should sit down and explain how you feel about her, and slowly release out of the connection. Give her some advice about how there's someone else out there for her

What should you do if you are sleeping with a guy who has a girlfriend?

You should tell him that you cannot be with a man who's with another girl and hurt someone else like that i mean get real.

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