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I would suggest inlisting the help of your friends. if they are real friends, they will help you get with this girl. they may freak out at first when you tell them, but if they are your real friends, they will understand and help you. if they make fun of you, then pursue her anyway. you shouldn't care what other people think of your likings and such. you should like who ever you want to, regardless of what they think.

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Why does Gabe Martin have no friends?

He is too cocky and is a loser. No one likes him because he is a D-bag.

How you can git friends?

dont be a loser dont be a loser

He Likes you And Has A Girlfriend?

Then he's probably a loser, if he told you he likes you anyway.

If your friends think he's a total loser and you like him what should you do?

go for it. you are the one that makes the decions in life and so what if your friends think he is a total loser.

Is Laurie Lloyd Jones awesome?

no he is a loser that has no friends

When will max be straight?

never he likes pepe and always will hahah what a loser man

Why do you need salt in making clay?

Because ur a loser and have no friends!

How can you be friends with your crush who is popular but not you?

You become popular and get cool and dont be a loser.

Why was it Important to have peace without Victory?

It is important because only a peace without a valiant winner and a humiliated loser would last. If there is a loser who is to blame, then the loser would want to seek revenge later on. It is basically a saying in which it describes how to have an everlasting peace.

How would you know if you are a loser?

Different people have different meanings of Loser... Loser general means to have no friends due to lack of similarities or you have just been called a "Loser" by somebody "cooler", and I use the term losely, than you... It realy is a matter of opinion if you are a loser or not... and to be honest, only your opinion counts :D

When was Louis Sachars first book published?

never hes a loser and likes hairy balls

Has Liam pipe got friends?

Liam is a loser and knowone wants to be his friend

Why cant you make friends?

Because MY friends aren't very nice, and they call me a loser, so maybe that's what happened to you

You are very quiet you rarely talk and have barely any friends almost none at school a popular girl from school likes you but you feel weird dating her because youre kind of a loser what do you do?

never look down upon yourself.. nobody is a loser..if u like her too then their is no harm dating her.. and try to socialise more with people..

What is peer depression?

It is how bad you make everyone around you feel when you are big, fat vagina-face. A.k.a., a loser. Be nice to your friends, and please don't be a loser.

What is a type of car that begins with a L?

loser Lexus loser lamborginie loser loser loser loser Lexus loser lamborginie loser loser loser

How do you take a scooter clamp off?

You are the biggest loser,idiot ever.You have no friends and clearly you are as dumb as a doorknob.You untighen the clamp and slide it off the bottom of your bars.If you did not know that then you are so gay.Go and find a brain you stupid loser and friends.

What does it mean if a guy annoys you just to talk to you?

he either likes you or is a serious loser and needs social interaction

Why is hydrogen the odd one out?

because its a loser and has no friends because he was beat up in highschool.

What is the falling action for Dial L for Loser?

When massive and claire become friends again

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