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Maybe he's trying to avoid you because he knows that you know that he likes you so for him its weird to be around you. Maybe if you have the guts ask him why he's been avoiding you, if you don't have the guts maybe have one of your friends do it for you.

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that he probally really likes you and has went around telling people that your the one he likes and showed then who yu are that all nothing big=)

It means that he likes you and wants people to know this he is savng you for himself. He wwants you to know he likes you and he is telling you physicaly. OR He just wants you to stay by him and be safe.

No matter what the star sign if a guy likes you you'll know by either him telling you or making it blatantly obvious that he does.

you know...i think if she likes you...she'll know... and if you try to go about telling her this...she'll think you're self-assuming and arrogant.

If he likes to spend more time with your friend rather then you that would be one way of telling.

When a boy keeps telling you about his girlfriend it probably means he really likes his girlfriend and likes to talk about her, but the only way to know for sure is to ask him.

he likes you to or is flirting he may like u but telling u notyourself so you dont know he likes u

That means he girl likes you and answer that question by telling the girl something she likes to do. If you don't know what the girl likes to do then you're a goner

Don't know why you want to know but, he'll try to avoid eye contact when you look at him and/or avoid you completely, so ask his friends.

of course he will!! he does not want you t6o know so he avoids you!!

He knows you like him and is enjoying you giving him attention.

The girl would probably thank the other guy for telling them the info. Also, the girl would probably ask you to tell the guy that likes her that she likes him/doesn't like him. Plus, by the other guy telling her about the guy who likes her, the girl will be able to either avoid him (if she doesn't like him) or flirt with him. For those of you that don't understand the question, this is the situation: Guy #1 tells the girl that Guy #2 likes her. Guy #1 wants to know what the girl thinks of him. Understand?

Generally speaking, if someone spends time talking to you, they like you. People who don't like you will avoid you. Of course, some people will talk to you purely out of politeness, but such conversations tend to be brief.

when she/he blushes when they see you and deliberately talk to you . however, sometimes they deliberately avoid you

well you should ask him up front if he likes and if he hesitates or says well first then he is definetly not telling the truth. Thus if he says it up front then he really likes you.

Sometimes people avoid or rather try to avoid people they are attracted to because they are afraid of being rejected from that person or they are shy and don't know how to act around that person.

Put a note in her locker telling her you like her and put "Secret Admirer and put a kissy face. You ca tell if a girl likes you or not if she plays with you a lot and sits besides you and talks to you and ask the teacher to work with you.

Answer If the girl is confident and feels comforatable telling you then she will. If the girl is not confident or wants you to know that she likes you without having to ask she will withhold whom she likes until you tell her you like her first.

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