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If you cannot afford a tubal reversal what are your options?Topics: Tubal Ligation If_you_cannot_afford_a_tubal_reversal_what_are_your_options

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AnswerI am very happy to hear of a reduced cost in Saint John Canada as I live about an hour and a half from there and this could really be a possibility for me now. You have given me such hope and I am looking for further information about the doctor and hospital where you have the surgery done. I haven`t found much information on line and I would greatly appreciate whatever information that you have. thank you so much for giving me hope for an affordable tubal reversal as well as a close to home surgery. Thank you. AnswerFor what it's worth, tubal reversals are not always successful. Some women do get pregnant after a tubal ligation, it is referred to as an ectopic pregnancy. I think that your only option if you can't afford the reversal and really want a baby is probably adoption. AnswerEptopic pregnancies aren't what you have after having a tubal reversed. Eptopic pregnancies are when the fertilized egg doesn't go into the uterus and implants itself in the fallopian tube. This happens occasionally in women and it can happen in women with a tubal. It isn't what you would have after having the tubal reversed. If it is successfully reversed, you would have normal pregnancies. But if you can't afford to pay for the reversal, then you won't be able to conceive on your own. And if you can't afford to do that, you may not be able to afford your other options for having a baby. There may be a possibility of having another women carry your baby. You could take your egg and your partners sperm and implant it into the other women. She would carry the baby to term and then give the baby to you. It is also possible to use just your partners sperm or just your egg and do the same basic thing. Or adoption. With these options you may be able to get some help financially, but I wouldn't know how you would go about looking into getting it. I hope this helps answer your question and good luck with whatever you choose to do. * Please note: "if you can't afford to pay for the reversal, then you won't be able to conceive on your own" The body has a natural tendency to heal itself over time. Whether or not it happens is out of our hands. If you really want a baby, PRAY. AnswerIf I'm being corrected, I didn't say that Ectopic pregnancies are what you have after having a tubal reversed, I said that they are what you have when you get pregnant and it hasn't been reversed... I said tubal ligation. AnswerIf you can't afford a reversal, chances are that you can't afford an adoption either. My reversal cost me $3500 and was successful as I'm due in 5 weeks! AnswerWhere did you get the tubal reversal for 3500.00>>>??? AnswerYeah! Were did you get a reversal for $3,500.00 AnswerHello Ladies I just got my reversal and it was only 3 weeks ago....When I had my tubes clamped I prayed for a miracle... I really... did but...... nothing. My reversal here in Canada was 1500 for the doctors costs and 635 dollars for the day surgery but the hospital bills you and so does the anesthesiologist . The anesthesiologist charges 150 pre half hour and they bill you as well and you can make payments so that's great 50 bucks a month to the hospital and post dated checks and pay them off and there ya go.....I pray that who ever has had a tubal and gets pregnant it's a good one not a tub preg......Maybe what I have wrote here will help you girls Just to let you know my operation and doctor are through St John New Brunswick Canada. Even if you live in the US you can still come here and get this done. Great Luck to All

What is the doctors name and the hospital you had this done at? Anything you can tell me would be greatly appreciated.... as&output=HTML&adtest=off&correlator=1184757061656&channel=3935645161& you cannot afford a tubal reversal what are your options&color bg=ffffff&color text=000000&color link=0000bb&color URL=000099&color border=ffffff&color line=ffffff& mk%26q%3Dinformation%2Btubal%2Bligation%2Bst%2Bjohn%2Bcanada&cc=100&flash=9&u h=900&u w=1440&u ah=900&u aw=1440&u CD=32&u tz=-240&u his=2&u java=true" frameBorder=0 width=300 scrolling=no height=250 allowTransparency>

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Are there any government hospitals that facilitate reversal tubal ligation in South Africa?

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Does the cost for tubal reversal include the hospital fee or is it separate?

I am pretty sure that will depend on the hospital; it's best to ask the hospital about their price policies.

What is the cost of a Vasectomy Reversal?

The cost of a Vasectomy Reversal including the three fees, which are professional fees for procedure, facility fees for a hospital surgery, and anesthesiology fee. The range of the cost may between $4,000 to $20,000. If you are seeking this information from the UK, then the cost will be around £2800 upwards.

What is the cost of a tubal reversal in Mobile Alabama?

The cost of a tubal reversal in Mobile, Alabama will vary depending on the doctor and hospital. Prices start at about $2500 up to $8000.

Will medicaid pay for tubal reversal in Washington State?

Hi my name is Sarah Eastman and I was wondering if Medicaid well pay to get my tubes redone itโ€™s been six years ago

What is the cost of a tubal ligation reversal in Alberta?

A tubal ligation reversal will vary in cost depending on the doctor's and hospital fees you have this surgery done at. Check with the insurance company, they may pay for some of it.

Can a tubal reversal be done in Tasmania?

I am actually wondering if Tubal ligation reversal can be done in Tasmania too. I am hoping to have mine reversed but can't seem to find any info for down here. I also don't know what the first step is I should take.

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Tubal ligation reversal cost?

It isn't covered by insurance and can cost several thousands plus doctor fees, hospital fees and tests before hand.

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Can you get a tubal reversal on Medicare?

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What is the term for a vasectomy reversal?

A vasectomy reversal is also known as vasovasostomy

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Can a urologist preform a vasectomy reversal?

Yes, urologists can perform a vasectomy reversal, but a vasectomy reversal can be more complicated that the original vasectomy. Patients should seek out urologists who have experience in vasectomy reversal and microsurgery techniques.

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What plan pays for the tubal reversal operation?

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