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Repossessions are regulated by Colorado Revised Statute 5-5-111. You can refer to the statute by going to the State of Colorado's Web site, selecting the link "Legislature", and then "Colorado Revised Statutes". Vehicle Repossessions If a person is in default of a vehicle loan the lender may repossess the vehicle. The lender must notify a law enforcement agency verbally or in writing that repossession will take place. The lender must provide the law enforcement agency the name of the owner, the name of the repossessor, and the name of the loan holder. Vehicle Sales by Dealers The Motor Vehicle Dealer's Administration handles most complaints against vehicle sales from a dealer. The Dealer's Board will handle complaints alleging there was misrepresentation, improper paperwork, title delays, etc. Please note: you do not have a three-day right to cancel on vehicle purchases, unless the DEALER sells the vehicle at a place other than the regular selling location (example, at a stock or trade show). If you signed the contract you have purchased vehicle unless the dealer agrees to find you financing and is unable to complete the contract. Complaints against a new or used vehicle dealer should be brought to the attention of: Colorado Department of Revenue Motor Vehicle Division 1881 Pierce Street Suite 142 Lakewood, CO 80214 303-205-5744 Sue the lender in court they clearly failed to give notice of any kind.

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When an investor's accounting period ends on a date that does not coincide with an interest receipt date for bonds held as an investment the investor must?

When an investor's accounting period ends on a date that does not coincide with an interest receipt date for bonds held as an investment, the investor must a. make an adjusting entry to debit Interest Receivable and to credit Interest Revenue for the amount of interest accrued since the last interest receipt date. b. notify the issuer and request that a special payment be made for the appropriate portion of the interest period. c. make an adjusting entry to debit Interest Receivable and to credit Interest Revenue for the total amount of interest to be received at the next interest receipt date. d. do nothing special and ignore the fact that the accounting period does not coincide with the bond's interest period.

Why do stores check the receipt at the door?

So they can see if you were shoplifting. They also to check it to see if you were double charged.

Define railway receipt?

railway receipt given by rly authority after receipt of payment railway receipt given by rly authority after receipt of payment railway receipt given by rly authority after receipt of payment

Is cash receipt equals to officials receipt?

it is your father that is the receipt

Is it acknowledge receipt of or acknowledge receipt to?

The correct term is 'acknowledge receipt of'.

What are some Dunkin' Donuts six digit store numbers that you find on the top of your receit?

The six digit receipt numbers for Dunkin Donuts differ by location. These numbers are not listed publicly and can only be obtained with your customer receipt.

What is a simple interest loan and how does it work?

Interest is calculated day to day from payment receipt to payment receipt. The due date only has to do with reporting to credit. I suggest if you have one of these types of loans you should be on a monthly draft with your lender. Payments are split to Interest 1st (calculated on the unpaid balance on a per diam rate), escrow (if you have it), interest deficit (if you have accumulated one), then to Principal. If you made a payment on Jan 1, and didnt make another till Feb 15th, that's 45 days of interest you are going to have to pay. If that interest charge is more then the amount of money you send-- you have an interest deficit. You will get NO money to principal until that deficit is paid back.

What is the purpose of a receipt?

What is the purpose of Receipt

Where to find a duplicate copy of a receipt for Avis rental?

You should be able to go to the location with the rental number and they should be able to print it for you

Are the road and bridge fees charged on the Colorado vehicle registrations tax deductible?

Yes, but they are already included in your license fee. You will notice on your Colorado Registration/Ownership tax receipt right below the road fee and bridge fee that there is text stating that these fees are already included in your license fee.Since Colorado annual vehicle registration fee is based upon the value, that amount along with the ownership tax to the left of the license fee is tax deductible on the federal portion of your income tax assuming you registered the vehicle in the state of Colorado for the year that you are wanting to take the deductible to reduce cumulative tax liability.

Advantages of a receipt?

advantages and disavatages of receipt

What does received by mean on a receipt?

It means that the payment that the receipt refers to, was received by the person or organisation named on the receipt.

What is a sentence with the word receipt?

You need the receipt to return faulty gremlins.This is a receipt of your purchase.Upon receipt of the command, the Royal Commandos raided the compound.

Correct spelling of receipt?

That is the correct spelling of receipt!

What is the correct spelling of receipt?

That is the correct spelling of "receipt".

What is the corretc spelling of receipt?

Receipt is correct Corretc is NOT.

What is an E-receipt?

It is an electronic receipt of any goods/services that you have purchased opposed to a paper receipt. They are usually sent to you via email and the idea is to not waste paper.

Is it necessary to give tent security deposit receipt?

Not if it's mentioned on the lease. It then should tell the Tenant (not "tent") where this deposit is located and whether it bears interest.

What is the past tense of receipt?

Receipt is a noun, there are only different tenses for verb. So, there is no past tense for receipt.

Is provisional receipt equals official receipt?

No it is not. 1.) A Provisional receipt by definition is subject to certain provisions as may be laid out by the issuer of the receipt. 2.) in general business practice a provisional receipt is usually issued as an acknowledgement of receipt of money or material by someone who is either not authorised to issue a final confirmed official receipt or could not carry out sufficient due diligence in receiving the money/goods and hence issues a provisional receipt till such time as a final confirmed receipt is issued. While for most practical purposes a provisional receipt may suffice, it is always prudent to ensure the final confirmed receipt as early as possible.

Why is warehouse receipt not a negotiable instrument?

A warehouse receipt is not a negotiable instrument because the receipt states that the goods received will be delivered to the depositor or to a specified person.Such a receipt does not state that the goods will be delivered to the bearer or to the order of any person named in the receipt.

What is receipt note in tally?

explain the receipt note in tally

Where to enter receipt code?

RS recor16c/ea on receipt

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