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This may be a civil court matter. Each homeowner is subject to the deductible on their respective policies. However, it is likely that if the other three unit owners sue you in court they would be awarded damages since you admit the damage was caused by your negligence and that cost them money. Damages would include the unit owners having to each pay the deductible on their own homeowners insurance. You should seek legal advice from an attorney. It may be wise for you to simply pay the deductibles rather than risking being the defendant in three lawsuits.

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Do you have insurance? Your claims agent should stick up for you in this situation. If you don't have insurance you now know why you need to get some for the future.

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If you live in a second floor condo and there is a water leak that causes damage who is responsible?

If you live in a second floor condo and you rent the condo, the leak that causes damage is the responsibility of the owner of the building. If you own the condo, the leak is the responsibility of the owner of the condo with the leak.

If a leaking shower in an upstairs condo apartment causes damage and leakage in the ceiling in the apartment below who is responsible for repairs?

You should check on the laws in your area. In some regions, neither is responsible and your respective insurance companies pay for your own repairs. In others, the condo owner's insurance company above is repsonsible for paying. There may be a way to claim from the condo owner themselves.

Is condo insurance responsible for flood damage?

If the master policy is written to include flood coverage, then, yes.

Your neighbors washer leaked and ruined your condo you have no insurance?

It should go on your neighbors insurance, he's the one whos responsible for the damage.

In a condo who is the responsible for damage to the fuse panel?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the fuse panel, the unit owner or the association. As well, your board can help you determine who is responsible to fix/replace the panel and who is responsible for paying for it.

Is homeowners insurance or condo insurance or both responsible for leakage from the roof that has caused damage to the floors ceiling and walls?

In most cases the association is responsible for mantaining the roof and structure. It should the the association's insurance problem.

Can high water pressure make condo responsible for burst pipe water damage?

If the pressure exceeds the normal rating of the fittings and valves.. Normally rated for 125 PSI

If a leak from my condo damaged the condo below mine and neither of us have insurance who would be responsible for paying for the damages?

If it was determined that the condominium did not bear any blame, then you are the one who would be responsible.

What does Ho-6 condo insurance do?

Ho-6 condo insurance covers damage to the homeowner's property which includes furniture, computer equipment and clothing. It also covers losses under the owner's master policy deductibles. In addition it provides coverage for improvements or upgrades as most master insurance policies only cover the condition and value of the home as it was at the time the policy is opened.

Who should buy ho6 condo insurance?

HO6 condo insurance covers damage to the interior of the condo and the possessions therein from things such as fire, theft, water damage, etc. The master policy that covers the building only covers exterior damage. HO6 insurance would be necessary in places where wild fires or other natural disasters are somewhat frequent.

Who is responsible for water damage in condo basement?

In this case, call the broker who handles the master policy for the condominium association. Who repairs the damage and who pays for the damage may be different. The broker and the board and any involved owners can review the governing documents to determine who owns the basement. Further, determination must be made for the cause of the water damage.

Who is responsible for gutter installation in a condo?

Read your governing documents to determine this responsibility.

Who is responsible for costs when a toilet backs up and leaks to unit downstairs in condo?

Your personal condo insurance should cover it under the liability section. It will not be a penalty to you.

Does Florida law state that condo owners are not responsible for water damage to other units?

State law is not involved in this kind of situation: the association's governing documents, master insurance policy coverage, together with the owners' HO-6 policies determine responsibility for water damage.

I am renovating my condo unit on the 5th floor. I broke open a water pipe causing it to flood down to the lower units. Am i responsible or would the damage be coverd by the building condo insurance.?

Since you caused the damage, your HO-6 condominium unit owner's insurance may cover the cost of repair. However, your insurance company and the insurance company that carries the master policy will work through all the details. If you carry no owner's insurance, you may be liable for the master policy deductible, and you may also be responsible to pay for the damage you caused inside your unit. Read your governing documents to determine your responsibilities as to insurance.

Who is responsible for damage of the rented condo by robbery?

The unit owner can contact the board of directors to determine whether the interior of the unit is covered by the master policy, or not. Otherwise, the owner can contact their HO-6 insurance provider to determine coverage.

Is a townhouse like a condo?

A little, but they are different. A townhouse is usually a row house, one of several attached buildings. They may have completely separate ownership. A condominium ("condo") is often more like an apartment but essentially it is a residence that is part of a group that has shared management and maintenance. The condo owner is responsible for inside the walls the a Home Owners Association (HOA) is responsible for the outside and the grounds. The condo owner will pay a monthly fee to the HOA for this work.

Who is responsible for the attic in a multilevel condo?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns what parts of the building(s).

Can a condo unit owner install a hot tub on their deck?

There is no standard. Such an improvement most certainly requires board approval, given the additional and excessive weight of a hot tub, and the excessive water use involved. Installing a hot tub without board approval means you will be responsible for any damage it causes, and all costs involved in removing it once it is discovered or reported.

Who is responsible for condo leaking roof?

Your first task is to report the leak into your unit, so that the leak can be addressed and damage repaired. There may be a difference between who repairs the damage and who pays for it. Report it to the association manager, the resident manager, and/or the board. Overall, read your governing documents to determine who owns the roof. Look in your CC&Rs in the section with 'boundaries' in the title or the text. The owner of the roof is responsible for repairs, and it may very well be the association.

Can you get condo insurance in Florida with existing damage from Hurricane Wilma and are waiting for condo association to fix inside walls so you can fix drywall and paint and recarpet?

Probably not. Insurance companies do NOT want to offer insurance when there is pre-existing damage present, as the old damage could be covered under the new policy. Which makes sense, b/c they were not your insurer at the time and therefore should not be held responsible for repairing old damage. It seems to me that you may have to check with the Florida Department of Insurance and pursue coverage through the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation. I also recommend asking for legal advice pertaining to the fact that the condo association hasn't repaired their part of the damage yet. Unless the delay is a result of something beyond their control, they need to have someone light a fire under them to get this taken care of. It's not fair to any of the condo unit owners that their ability to get insurance be limited b/c of them. Also, many companies do not offer new insurance if you have gone with a lapse of coverage... even for a condo, this is a common underwriting guideline in FL. I encourage you to pursue your options with the Florida Department of Insurance. Best of Luck!

Condo common area private use balcony who pays for balcony damage?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not the private-use balcony is considered 'limited common area'.If it is, the association is responsible for its upkeep. You may be responsible for keeping it neat and tidy.If the balcony was damaged, for example, during a wind storm: something beyond your control, the association is probably responsible for repairing the damage.However, if the damage occurred because of your misuse or abuse of the balcony, the association may require that you pay for the damage.(Recently, a sub-contractor in Seattle removed slats from high-rise balconies rendering them unusable and frankly dangerous, because the association refused to pay for the sub-contractor's work. In this case, the courts will probably decide who is responsible for the repairs.)

Who is responsible for watering the front lawn of a condo townhouse?

Read your governing documents to determine whether or not you are indeed responsible for watering your front lawn.Otherwise, if the association is responsible for watering, you can send a request to the board in writing and ask for their answer to your question.

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