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Q: You live in san Diego California and you are 17 turning 18 next month can your parents report you as a runaway even though they already know where you are staying?
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What happens to the people a runaway teen is staying with if the teen were to get caught?

if your under aged then the people you are staying with can be charged with fostering a runaway. you really want to be careful with this because if your parents want to press charges against the people you are with they can possibly charge them with kiddnap,even if you diod runaway on your own!!! good luck!

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If you are the best friend of a runaway could their parents get me into trouble when i dont know anything?

No. The only way you can get in trouble is she was staying with you. If you are no where around her then you should be fine. Beware though, the parents can get the courts to have a order for your phone records and if they find out you have been talking to her and not telling them any information, then you can get in trouble.

Can a 17-year-old legally move out and not be considered a runaway?

Legally, Probably not....I did it but my parents allowed it and I was staying with another legal adult so I guess that doesn't count (?) I don't know if you would be able to get utilities and such in your name.

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Does the principal have to tell the parents of a 18 yr old senior where that child is staying?

you have to have a parents consent

Fifteen year old son left 2 days ago but we have no idea where he is staying what can we do to get him back?

Contact the police and report him as a "Runaway."

If you are 18 and your girlfriend is 17 and pregnant can you get married in the state of Georgia?

i think you should be able to, because it would be better for the child...and if they plan on staying together then why not, they are already haveing a baby together, i think it should be up to the parents of the baby, if they want to get married and they are serious about staying together then yeah.

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No you can not.

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