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he does it just that he still used to his ex but just tell him that he need to listen to you because your with him and not his ex unless you guys shoulnt be together

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What to ask your boyfriend to see if he likes you?

If he is already your boyfriend chances are he like you. But if want to see if he really cares about you ask if he would still care about you if you moved or something like that

If your boyfriend tells you he still cares about his ex is he not over her?

saddly yes

If a girl says she still cares for you and she has a boyfriend?

then, you need to ask her to choose

How do you get you ex-boyfriend back if he is with another woman?

prove to him that you really love him and want him back and if he still cares for you than he'll understand you and go back to you

What if your boyfriend is cheap should I stay?

who cares if he is cheap.. it still shows they care. besides you never know he could be saving up for something really nice!!! (:

You still love your x-boyfriend?

yes. he thinks i broke up with him, but I did not, and now he has a new girlfriend!

I feel as though I will never get a boyfriend Everyone tells me that my time will come but I still can't help thinking about it and being impatient Will it really happen?

everybody gets a boyfriend/girlfriend. all it takes is someone who cares about you.

If your boyfriend breaks up with you for another girl but you still want him back?

Get another gye that really cares about you. Seems this boyfriend couldn't so why be with hime if he cheated on you and doesnt love you. Gte with another gye and make him jealous.

How do you know if your ex-boyfriend still cares even if he moved on to someone else?

If he cares he will let you know. If you cant wait ask him and get it over with.

Why is my boyfriend always around his ex-wife?

Still cares for her, or maybe its child care.

Why does he still contact after breakup?

maybe because he cares about u and thinks u 2 r friends now

My boyfriend thinks i am still young so he broke up with me so what should i do?

depending on how old you are usually it is an excuse if they really do like you they could get over the age difference

How does she really feel when she was the one who broke up with you but has since moved on but still tries it on with you and says she still cares?

That probably means that she still cares for you and she just wants to be good friends.

Is it odd that your boyfriend has pictures of ex on his walls?

of course it is! this could mean that he/she still thinks about their ex. or worse, he still has contact with him/her. if you really are getting serious with this person you should confront them about it. hope this helps. ~julie

Why does ex girlfriend still check up on you when she has a boyfriend?

Because your g/f still cares about you, even though you aren't together.

Your ex dumped you but you think he still likes you and you really like him still what do you do?

talk to him and see what he still thinks about you.

Does my ex boyfriend roy still love me?

no he doesnt hes been seeing your sister for 3 years and he really thinks your vaginia smells like fish so tuff luck

What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

How do you tell if your boyfriend is still in love with his ex?

When he's being awkward, thinks about her a lot, talks to her. avoids you

What does it mean when your boyfriend still thinks about his ex?

When your boyfriend still thinks about his ex, it could mean a couple of things. First, he could still be in love with her. Second, he could still have some feelings for her, but it doea not mean he wants to be with her. They have a history (maybe even kids)that will always be there. Especially if they were together for a while. Not too much to worry about unless he obsesses about her.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend defends you?

It doesn't necessarily mean that he likes you. But it could mean that he still respects you and cares for you as a person.

When your ex boyfriend tells you that your good-looking does that means that he still cares?

yes he still likes u if he still likes u, you should go out with him soo he is happy

What if your boyfriend die can you still communicate with him?

only if your really high

Does sam like freedie?

well no, but she really cares about him. but there are still more episodes to come and if you are a seddie fan, it still can happen.

When your ex boyfriend tells you that your goodlooking does that means that he still cares?

my exes say that all the time . my opinion is no . they are your ex for a reason apparently .