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i will give her some gift and i will try to do something until her talk back to me .

example : to give gift to her

to make some party for her

to speak with her always

to give something which her like

to make something which you think it will be good for her.

but you must know some which her favorite things but don't ask her .

ask somebody who know about her very well.

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How do you tell your thirteen year old girlfriend you love her?

you dont know what love is...no really, you dont.

How do you make a girlfriend fall in love more?

give her your full attention and love HER! she will love you back! that means talk to her. dont be shy and trust her! trust is the most important thing!..

What do you do when your ex is showing all the signs that they still love you but they have a new girlfriend or boyfriend?

well if they really love you they will most likely break up with there boyfriend or girlfriend but if they dont they dont really love you!

I am in love with someone who's not my girlfriend?

You should learn contentment except you are no more in love with your girlfriend. Remember if your girlfriend cheated on you, will you be happy.

How do you get along with your girlfriend?

love her with your life and dont let her go

Ex girlfriend want to come back?

If you still love her, go back to her.

How do you ask a girlfriend to kiss?

you dont ask.. lol just do it. she'll love it.

Im in love with my wife and a girlfriend and dont want to leave my wife?

stay with your wife your in lust with with your girlfriend an that wont last

What can you do if you still love your ex and your ex has a girl friend?

Maybe you should try to forget him,if he had a girlfriend that means he dont love you anymore( I think)..but if you think that he still love you just fight for him,take him back..whatever you will do good luck..

What if they dont love you back?

Answer Unfortunately this happens sometimes. You have to move on. There is someone else out there for you who will love you back.

What do you write to get your girlfriend back?

i love you i miss you come back to me i was wrong to do what i did (if you did anything) .etc.

How do you get girlfriends love back?

Well if you show your girlfriend love she'll show you back, if not she doesn't love you and there's nothing you can do about that but dump her expecially if your ... you know

Do girls reject guys to test their love for them?

no they reject you because they dont want to be your girlfriend

What can you do if you love someone a lot and they dont love you back?

if your asking wiki answers than you dont have much hope

How can you tell if girlfriend is cheating?

investigate and if its true dont be mad at the lover and dont be mad at her cuz she just dont love .you just leave happy

Who is Justin bribers next girlfriend?

we really dont know who Justin Bribers next girlfriend is sorry but if we find out we will get back to you.

What does it men when your girlfriend says she dont love you the way she used to?

she has no more feelings for you? she ran out of feelings for you

What do you do if you fall in love with your best friend's girlfriend?

U dont do anything, because you will lose your friend if you do.

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