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You married in Costa Rica to a Costa Rican who know lives with you a US citizen you never married here she has conditional status on her green card Should you divorce here or in Costa Rica?


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That's exactly the same thing I want to know...From what I have found out you must divorce in Costa Rica..If your spouse doesn't want to divorce you, then you must wait two years before it can be finalized there.

You as a married person in Costa Rica must divorce with the Costa Rican laws, even if you appeared single in the US or anywhere else. Failure to get that divorce can cause you a lot of trouble, because Costa Rican laws might reach other country's laws and you will have to pay spouse support. Find a Costa Rican Law office and tell them your story and your needs.

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It would probably be easiest in the country where you were married. Also, if everybody is in agreement, get an "uncontested" divorce. They are much easier and cheaper.

We should not divorce because we have been married in the Lord's side not on Human side. After married, both the male and the female became one part and one body. So no one should divorce. If the couple wants to divorce, they should sign a document and should divorce.

Yes as the marraige took place in Pakistan, all divorce procedings should take place there. ~

my advice is he should because if he is married to a legal citizen he should get the same rights.

No, it should not be harder to get a divorce, but much harder to get married.

Yes you can keep the green card. For any name change you should use the Form I-90 and get a replacement with new name.

get married dont get married it is the number one reason for divorce

The divorce should be easy, but the police may want to search you and your history. ^_^

If the immigrant married a US citizen, then that's a done deal and she is no longer illegal. It sounds like you need to take care of your own affairs, starting with divorce proceedings.

That person doesn't receive anything automatically. If the citizen applies for the person to become a permanent resident, the person will receive a green card, which will allow them to obtain a social security number, driver's license, etc. The process usually takes from 1-3 years and is very expensive. If the couple has not been married for 2 years, the greencard is conditional. This means that if there is divorce within 2 years of obtaining the greencard, it will be taken away. The alien can apply for citizenship 3 years after receiving the greencard as long as s/he is still married to the same US citizen. Immigration benefits should play ABOLUTELY NO role in your decision about who and when to marry. If you get married for immigration benefits, it is considered a felony fraud, whether the citizen you married was in on it or not.

As soon as your divorce is though you can get married to your bf. If you have to wait for your divorce, you should start learning a little German :-)

It depends if his already been divorce from his ex wife. But not before he have a written divorce papers saying he is finally divorce.

Normally you have to file the I-751 form jointly. As you are divorced, you can apply for a waiver for joint filing. But you should be able to prove that you entered the marriage with honesty and good intentions and not just for the sake of getting a green card.

Yes, your divorce should be where you live at the time of your separation, or where the children reside. If you live in the US, the divorce needs to be in the US to be enforceable.

An international who is married to a US citizen can get his/her green card in the following manner. The US citizen should file in Form I -130 to sponsor the spouse. The Spouse should then file in form I-485 to adjust the status to that of a lawful permanent resident.

Yes, because she is married to russel brand, but they are going to get a divorce. I knew they should not have gotten married !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, must correct the illegal status first.Does have marriage, children, work history in USA going for him.I would not leave the USA for any reason, might be refused entry

Once you are divorced, you are no longer married so the license is null. However, if you have been married for a decade or more before the divorce, you should hold on to a copy of the marriage license.

If your husband is married to two wives, he is guilty of the crime of bigamy. You should tell him to get a divorce from his first wife immediately, otherwise you will have to complain to the police.

If she is married to a US citizen, surely she isn't an illegal alien? Unless they married using false documents or some other illicit means, in which case there is no marriage and so no divorce; I should imagine in that case the children are hers. It sounds a very complex situation and legal advice should be sought to resolve the case. Above all, don't take advice from friends or family. Speak to someone who knows about these things; you could approach the appropriate government department - anonymously, if you like - to at least get an idea of where you stand.

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