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See your Doctor as you may have irregular periods.

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Q: You missed your period for 4.5 months now What is going on?
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Missed period for almost 2 months now have light spotting for 2 weeks?

If you have missed your period for two months you may be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to be sure. If you are not pregnant, stress may be the cause of your missed cycle.

What if you missed you period the previous month but now you are bleeding brown blood?

The missed period could mean you were pregnant and now for some reason are loosing it. Go to the doctor.

Your tubes are tied and last month your period was light and you missed it this month?

i had my tubs tied but i had miss my monthly thing for 2 months now can i be preangent

You were on the nuvaring for 2 months and then tried Yaz for only 10 days about one week after that you had a very small period and now 5 weeks later nothing - is it just due to the bc?

You could have a missed period from birth control or from pregnancy. Since you're not on birth control now and have a missed period, you should take a pregnancy test.

Can you be pregnant and still have a period and why is that?

Truthfully you're not supposed to but my friend had one for 5 months and finally missed a period went to the dr and found out she was almost 6 months along and her baby is now a happy & healthy 3 almost 4 year old

What if your stomach hurts you have gas really bad you feel dizzy you belch and you have missed your period for about two months now are you pregnant?

you should get a home pregnancy testing card(cost very low) and check for yourself. in fact this should be done the very first day of the missed period

Is cramping normal before missed period during pregnancy?

If your pregnant, cramping is usual. But if you're not and you missed your period that usually means your pregnant now with a bundle of joy.

How do you know when your period is going tocome?

my period use come on now but now it not on why

I missed my period two months now and when i smell my flavorite food it makes me sick is that sign of pregnancy or p.m.s?

Yes you are probably pregnant. Take a test and go to see your doctor.

If i you have missed your period for three days now. on the 14Th day after the first day of my period you had sex could you be pregnant?


How long does it take to get a positive test if you are pregnant?

You should take a test now if you are almost 2 months late. A pregnancy test usually shows positive if you are pregnant right after your period is missed.

Can you be pregnant if you missed your period by 1 week?

When u missed you period by one week,ls not you are pregnant!but ahead more,you should go for pregnant test ,when u will now lf you are pregnant.

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