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You need to know what fuses you need and where they go for a Ford Thunderbird 1986?


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If you need to know where they are look under the dash on the drivers side they are usually labeled on the lid of the fuse panel there is a tiny hole on each side of the fuse on the back you can check it with out removing it take a test light and check for power to both sides if you have power on both sides the fuse is good if only on one side the fuse is blown if you don't have a light pull the fuse and look at the small wire in the fuse you can see if it is burned into


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Check fuses, and for the blinkers, check also the flasher relay.

It is important to know the location of the fuses for car parts. The fuses for the panel lights would be in the interior fuse boxes of the vehicle.Ê

1) Need to know where the fuses are to activate the electric seats and what amps are they cause they aren't working anymore.2)Also, seems like the fuses that locks and unlocks the doors are blown up and don't know where to locate them.

As far as I know, there were only 13 Rusty Wallace Signature Edition 97 Thunderbirds produced.

you have a fuse panel somewhere around the driver's legs. Open the panel to find all of the fuses. There will be a legend (most likely on the plastic cover) that will let you know which is which. Remember when replacing to get the right amp fuses.

No, I know what is box fuses. I want to know where is located that box under the hood.

The only 351 that ford offered in the F250 was the Windsor. The 351 windsor was put in the ford trucks from 1983 to 1986.

There should be a button inside the armrest console. If not there is a release switch on the passenger side inside the trunk.

dont you mean where is ? no i know where it is i want to know what fuses go to what and what size fuses to use where

Get a timing light, they sell them in an auto parts store about 30 bucks, shine it on the surpentine belt, and you should be able to see the mark.

Usually, the panel has fuses that are individually marked. This helps mechanics or automotive electricians know what each fuse is used for. On a 2005 Ford Econoline, the fuse for brake lights is fuse number 34.

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