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It sounds as if you had a miscarriage, if you are still having symptoms see your doctor. It is also possible you have a sexually tranmitted disease. Other things are possible but these are the two most likely.

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I never get heavy periods but this month I had to change my tampon every hour.i had blood clots also. yesterday i had light spotting and for the past 2 weeks i have been dizzy cramping nausea?

See a doctor!

Could you be pregnant if you have experienced 'spotting' between periods?

It's called spotting, and you're probably not pregnant but you should consult a physician if you think you are. Using protection guards against unwanted pregnancy as well as sexually transmitted disease, both of which can change your life forever.

What are signs before you get your period?

Cramping mostly in the lower body region, headaches, fatigue, spotting, bloating. It's all fun. A lot of people have different symptoms. Mine change about every month. Ya never know what to expect.

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If you experience spotting and cramping two days after sex but not the following days could this be a sign of pregnancy?

Most likely not. Spotting and cramping is natural after sex for many women. Especially young women. if it suddenly stops it does not mean you are pregnant. For you to actually feel anything, it could take months. the only thing to watch for, if you are really nervous is a small steady fever. A fever of 99 or 100 usually mean that the body is undergoing to heavy change. If you are slightly feverish for a few days then you may have something there.

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What does it mean when you have your period for one day five days early and cramping bad?

Nothing serious, periods change all the time and isn't anything to worry about, but if you need your mind to be put at rest make a routine appointment with your doctor just to put your mind at ease.