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You pay nor or later. She has up to 18 years to file against the father, retroactive.


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If you are married to the mother, no. Then you share everything naturally. But if you have a child and you are separated or not married to the mother, and you do not have custody of the children, you have to pay child support

Doubtful. The child support is for the welfare of the child, not the mother. Check with your state child support office for specifics of the law in your state.

The answer is no. You do not stop paying child support if the mother gets married. The child is still your child and you have the responsibility to provide support for your own child.

Yes, you will have to file for a change in the order but you can get it end if your child gets married. If they are in college and get married, that eliminates your duties of paying child support in most states.

No, regardless of your age, you are emancipated by being married and therefor does not get child support.

Yes, you will have to continue to pay child support if your child is enrolled in college. You will have to continue to pay until the graduate or drop out.

Yes the parent that is not raising the child full time in the home needs to pay child support until that child turns 18. Some states they have to pay until the child is out of college.

The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.The mother must petition for child support.

If the court has said you are to pay child support, your marital status does not matter.

If the father is not married to the mother your mum doesn't have to pay a single penny

Marriage of the mother, father or child have no relationship to the collection of a debt.

Depends on specific states laws as they apply to child support and the welfare of the child. If the mother married a sex offender, should the father know?

Absolutely.Paternity makes you responsible for supporting your own child whether you were married to the mother or not.If paternity is established, child support is due regardless of marital status.

Yes. Another man is not going to have to pay for your child just because he is married to the mother. Only the biological parents pay for their child.

From my experience it did not change anything.

You might have to pay child support if you were married to the mother when the child was conceived/born, or if you signed an acknowledgment of paternity.

Yes, as it is unrelated to your support, but please send the link below to her on stepparents.

Yes, nothing stops a child support payment. The amount received is regardless of the financial status of the mother or the new husband.

First, there is no such thing as an illegal mother. Any parent, male or female, single, married, divorced or separated, may receive child support.

Yes , the biological father will be held legally responsible for the support of his child .

A child can petition for child support only after the age of majority for the state of residence, and retroactive to the limit of state statutes. The child's mother can and should file for child support as soon as the child is born. A father must support his children whether he is married to their mother or not.

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