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If you had your period you are not pregnant and your symptoms are due to the hormones in the patch. It works like the pill to fool your body into thinking it is pregnant so you get similar symptoms. Don't worry they will go away. Read the paper which comes in the patch box and it will tell you how long you can expect the symptoms to last.

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Examples of contraceptives?

Condoms, IUDs, birth control pills, depot birth control medications (e.g. monthly, or quarterly), morning-after pill methods, contraceptive sponge, cervical cap, sterilization ... and the least effective method of contraception - the "rhythm method".

What are the methods for not getting pregnant?

The obvious answer is to not have intercourse! However, there are many contraceptions to avoid unwanted pregnancy, including male and female condoms, female coils and contraceptive pills, including the so-called "morning after" pill. Male vasectomy is also an option.

Is LH produced in contraceptive pills?

The morning after pill disrupts the LH surge. That's part of how it works. The morning after pill does not contain LH.

What can you buy to prevent pregnancy?

Birth control, condoms, the morning after pill, no sex.

If you had a condom rip during sex and you go to sleep that night will the sperm travel faster and will the plan b emergency contraceptive be as effective in the morning?

No the sperm will not travel faster and yes the Plan B contraceptive will be just as effective in the morning, have no fear. This is a common misconception.

Can you take the morning after pill if you're on the contraceptive implant?

Yes, there are no known drug interactions between the levonorgestrel morning after pill and the progesterone contraceptive implant.Yes, but it provides no additional benefit over the implant, unless you had unprotected sex in the five days before insertion.

Do you need to take the morning after pill if you are on the contraceptive pill?

no, if you are taking the contraceptive as prescribed, which is normally one a day, then it prevents pregnancy 99.9%. If you missed one or more, i would suggest you to take plan b

Should you take the morning after pill if you're on the contraceptive implant?

If you have the birth control implant then you do not need the MAP.There is no need to use the morning after pill if you're using Implanon.

A girl has your ejectile in her what do you do?

There is not much you can do aside from keep your fingers crossed or seeing to it that she has a morning after contraceptive if you don't want her to be pregnant.

Why do you use the morning after pill?

The emergency contraceptive pill is used in a variety of circumstances to significantly decrease the chances of conceiving.

What do you do if condoms break and you are not on the pill?

Up to 5 days/120 hours you can take the morning after pill.

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What are common pregnancy symptoms?

A missed period, implantation bleeding, morning sickness and cramping are all common pregnancy symptoms. Many women also experience back pains, sore breasts and fatigue. Morning sickness, or feeling nauseous, is often one of the first symptoms a woman will experience.

What are some common signs of pregnancy?

1. Lack of a period 2. Swelling breasts 3. Sore breasts 4. Morning sickness

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What are the symptoms that you're pregnant?

the first signs are usually some morning (should be called anytime of day) sickness; tender breasts, feeling extra tired, and obviously missing your period or having a lighter than usual period.

You missed your contraceptive pill and took it the next day and took 2 together and got the morning after pill but then had sex a few hours after you took the morning after pill could you be pregnant?


Can you take a morning contraceptive along with yeast infection medication?

There are no known drug interactions between yeast infection medications and levonorgestrel morning after pills like Plan B and Postinor.

What are signs that you could be pregnant?

. Missed period. Tiredness. Nausea and/or sickness(morning, all day or evening).. Sore/sensitive breasts.. headaches. metallic taste in mouth. feeling faint/dizzy. Implanation bleeding. weird feeling in belly. more toilet visits.positive pregnancy test. moody and emotional

What are early symptoms of pregnancy?

morning and evening sickness, sore breasts and nipples, tired, breasts get bigger, darkness of aroela and milk ducts are seen

Is the contraceptive method a sin?

Contraceptive just means anything which can prevent conception. Abstinence does this best and abstinence is not a sin. Also, condom use is not regarded as a sin (at least by the vast majority of the world's religions). Even birth control pill use, IUD use and the morning after pill are not considered "sinful" by the majority of people (although there is more controversy regarding use of the morning after pill - than with any other contraceptive method except abortion).

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