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You are describing a migraine. However, it is best to visit a physician for a professional opinion and medication if needed.

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Q: You often get blurred vision with spots and aura and almost 5 minutes after you have a severe headache that puts you in bed for at least 5 hours And you are left with a bruised feeling on your head?
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Is an overdose of lithium painful?

From an accidental double dose of 1000mg my body rejected it after feeling nausea and a splitting headache for twenty minutes. After I vomited I felt much better.

How do you cure a headache fast?

do pranayama...concentrating on your headache is mostly caused due to lack of oxygen to brain.doing this headache will be gone within 5 minutes

What causes a sharp shooting pain in the right side of the head and only happens every few minutes?

The International Headache Society describes a type of headache called "primary stabbing headache". They are also called ice pick headaches.

What causes sharp headache on the left hand side of the head for a very short time?

You may be describing Primary Stabbing Headache. Also called Ice Pick Headache, or Jabs and Jolts, this type of headache feels like you're being stabbed with an ice pick. It is usually of very short duration - seconds or minutes. Another possibility is Cluster Headache. These are excruciatingly severe and although of short duration of minutes to hours, tend to come in bunches or clusters. These can be so severe that they are nicknamed Suicide Headaches.

How to cure Headache?

Take some ibuprofen, whatever the amount says on the label around the bottle, then drink something without caffeine. After about 3-4 minutes, your headache should be gone.

How do you get a headache on purpose?

Lay upside down on your head for 15 minutes. This should work. Not totally sure.

HOW TO CURE headache fast?

Take some ibuprofen, whatever the amount says on the label around the bottle, then drink something without caffeine. After about 3-4 minutes, your headache should be gone.

What can you eat to get rid of a headache?

Many times, a headache can be caused by a lack of water. Drink a glass of water and lie down in a dark room with a cold cloth over your forehead for 20 minutes.

What stops a headache?

pressing on the "Central Stress Control" on your head. It can be found in the middle. Squeeze for 40 Minutes(Not Really Worth It)

What would cause zig zags and blurred vision for about 5 minutes every once and awhile?

Having bouts of dizziness and blurred vision can be caused by a variety of things. The most likely culprit is low blood sugar. However, it would be best to see a physician to find out for sure.

What would cause temporary blurred vision in one eye?

what causes one eye to have like a dark cloud covering the eye and last for a few minutes

Is there a headache virus at the moment?

I'm not sure but I hope so, I'd love a simple explanation for a headache I've had for 7 days now, that is the on,y symptom I have and I never get headaches, when I do they last 10 minutes not 7 days...

What would cause a temporary headache throbbing that goes away in about 30 minutes?

A temporary headache could be caused by straining your eyes for too long. Taking a break from staring at the computer or television frequently will help to prevent these headaches.

Does hp pro-book 6450b have screen problems?

yes, the display is unclear. Gives you a headache after 5 minutes use.

What happens if you have a bruised penis?

You should treat it like another bruised part of the body. You should use ice in a towel for about 15 minutes at a time for 1-2 days. If it has already been 2 days, then you need to add warmth perhaps with a warm bath. If it hurts, then take an over the counter (OTC) pain reliever.

You had blurred vision with a white blur for about 2 minutes and a slight headache It happened about 12 hours ago and you still have a slight headache?

It's probably a migraine with an aura. Migraines can take a long time to go away. If you can cope with the pain, then lie down in a dark, quiet room and try to sleep - that should help the headache go away. If this does not help you may want to try taking some pain medication, such as Tylenol / paracetamol - if after 4 hours there is no improvement you could try an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen. It's advisable to go and see your doctor so that he can make recommendations on how to deal with this if it happens again. Migraines are usually best treated before they get to the headache stage i.e. as soon as the aura begins, one should be taking steps to prevent the migraine from taking hold.

Can chewing tobacco give you a headache?

yes it has nicotine in it which is a drug. nicotine poisioning is when you get a headache from nicotine, also more severe nicotine poisioning can cause light headedness, nausea, and also cause you to vomit. if you are a lightweight on nicotine if you put a big dip in its enough to make you throw up after about 25 minutes. but you will probably feel so bad before you ever make it to 25 minutes. my first i was lightheaded after 5 minutes of putting it in.

Can agave nectar cause headaches?

Agave gave me a terrible headache 30 minutes after ingesting. Splenda also gave me terrible headaches.

Can the fumes from burning magnesium cause a headache?

Well after burning magnesium today I must say that I have got headache and pain in my eyes in less than few minutes after. I dont know is it because of fumes or light. I havent looked directly in light.

Your head feels like it is falling asleep?

My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away My head feels like it falls asleep. It gets a warm, tingling feeling that lasts a few minutes and then goes away

How do you treat a swollen and bruised knee?

Stay off of it to avoid worsening the injury. Put ice on it, alternating on and off every 15 minutes (15 on, 15 off). Give it a few days.

How do you get rid of a headache quickly?

lie down in a quite room and go sleep for a few minutes.Take Some Nurefen Or Ibaprofen Tablets :) x

How long does it take for excedrin to work?

For me, it takes fifteen minutes to a half an hour if I can catch the headache right away. Hope you feel better soon!

How do you get rid of a headache with no aspirin?

This is a quicker and easier way to get rid of headaches without aspirin. First search in the freezer for any type of ice (The ones shaped like crescent moons are best) then place on your forehead until it burns. once you take it off you should feel a cold shiver going through your forehead, if you don't then put the ice back on your head until it does. Then after you throw away the cube sit down, go on the computer, or any of that. After a minute or so the cold feeling will go away and you will still have a bit of a headache left. do something for about five minutes then the small headache should go away.

What is the cause of persistent headache after placement of ommaya reservoir for chemotherapy?

I had my Omaya Reservoir installed in September of 1981 and I wake up almost every morning with a minor headache and stiff neck. I also require several minutes to gain my balance (or I stagger like a drunk).