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You only have a key to your 2003 VW Jetta how do you get a replacement remote?

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2012-04-22 00:52:37

The 2003 jetta uses the remote part number ending in AM or


If you need a new flip key portion, you will need to read up on

it at www.haakey.com or see your local VW dealer. If you have lost

your key, you will need to show proof of ownership. A pre cut key

can be ordered. Then you have to pay to get the transponder

programed because you program the car, not the key. Now there's a

second option that may or may not be a lot of work and money. You

can go on eBay and buy a Uncut key for your Jetta, (BE WARNED that

some places will not cut a key they do not sell because it could

damage the cutter on their machine. You'll have to call around and

do your research. Only automotive locksmiths cut the inner profile


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