You own a 1991 Toyota Camry sv21 3sf-e and would like some more power without doing major mods any help will be great you already have a sports exhaust kn panal filter and a set of 8.8mm ignitionlead?

i hear you can get some extractors for the sv21? maybe some iridium spark plugs, also the easiest and cheapest way to make it go faster would be to reduce the weight of the caar... Set of Genie Extractors with a hi flow cat and straight thru muffler. Also a Percusion Power Parts insulated intake manifold gasket.

Then get the handling sorted. Bigger Celica GT4 brakes, lower springs and gas shocks, camber bolts, strut brace and bigger rear sway bar.

With the wheels get some Celica alloys. You can also undersize the rolling diameter of the wheel with lower profile tyres to improve acceleration.