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I would check your Power Steering fuild.

2006-08-17 07:24:04
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What causes a loud whining noise when accelerating?

It is the alternator....

What causes the battery light to stay on and whining noise near the alternator?

Alternator is defective and needs replacing.

Why is the alternator whining?

1. Suspect the belt is loose. Tighten it or use belt dressing. 2. Bearings are worn out on the alternator. Replace the alternator. 3. Poor workmanship on a rebuilt alternator. Replace the alternator.

1998 Camry makes a whining noise and won't start?

It is probably the alternator that is whining - and not charging so you have run out of battery power and it won't turn over.

How do you replace the alternator on a 2008 dodge avenger?

How do you replace an alternator on 2008 dodge Avenger? My car is making a whining noise and this may be the problem.

Why is the alternator making a whining sound on a 2001 Ford Mustang 3.8?

the bearings are probally giving out.

Can a weak battery cause the alternator to make a loud whining noise?

I would say probably not, the reason your battery is weak is I reckon due to a fault with your alternator. It is obviously not producing sufficient power (electricity ) to keep the battery charged. The whining noise is probably caused by worn-out bearings. A replacement or re-conditioned alternator should cure the problem .

Answering What would cause a whining noise on a 1996 Stratus 2.4 DOHC 4 cyclender if it's not the alternator?

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What would cause a whining noise while accelerating?

Whining noises often come from the alternator or the steering pump. Check the power steering fluid in the pump (there is a dipstick on the pump), and have an AVR test done on the alternator. If the alternator is faulty, you are probably having battery problems as well. If the steering pump is low on fluid or is faulty, you probably are experiencing jerky steering from time to time.

What is the whining noise in the engine compartment of a 2001 Lincoln Continental?

sounds like the alternator belt is loose, check it out and let me know.

What sounds does the alternator make when malfunctioning on a 1990 Chrysler New Yorker Salon 3.3 liter v-6?

It might make a whining or grinding noise, or it might not make any noticeable noise at all. All depends on what exactly with the alternator is malfunctioning. You're better off to have your alternator bench tested (which can be done free at any major auto parts retailer) than relying on sound to tell you if it's malfunctioning.

What could be making a 1999 Honda Passport make a constant whining noise while the engine is running?

The whining could be related to the alternator. Does the car have any electrical problems such as the battery drains and dies while car running, are your belt(s) tight? in good condition? It might be a belt tensioner or idler pulley that is causing the whining.

What could be an electronic whining noise in the passenger compartment of your Mitsubishi Montero Sport while the engine runs fine?

could be the fuel pump...or the alternator...:)

Why would an alternator start whining after replacing the serpentine belt on a Jeep Cherokee?

Worn bearing and new belt is tighter than worn one?

Whining noise on your ford f150 but im dont think its your wheel bearings what else could it be?

Faulty wheel bearings usually squeak or squeal. A whining noise is more likely to come from a power steering pump low on fluid, or from a faulty alternator.

Why would your car still be whining after the power steering pump is replaced?

One source of whining could be many things but the first that comes to my mind is the Alternator. The CV joints could possibly make this noise too but I would personally consult a mechanic about this. any motor attached to the engine could be a cause but I would take it to a mechanic: alternator, compressor, water pump, etc.

Why does Lincoln mark viii make a whining sound when you accelerate and now even when in idle have checked the alternator and battery are both good could it be a vacuum leak?

Check your power steering fluid level. If low...add. Listen for the area from which the whining comes from. Could be the A/C compressor as well

What could cause a humming or whining sound from a 2001 Altima engine after cranking continuing when driving it is louder when accelerating and decelerating also very noticeable when turning corners?

Check the power steering pump for the cause of the noise. I sounds like the pump is causing the whining and is either low on fluid or possibly going bad.

What is a whining noise on 2.7 liter 1999 intrepid engine?

It could be your power steering pump, check power steering level. Also could be alternator or AC bearings.

What causes a whining noise in Lexus GS 430 at 38 to 40 MPH?

Can be the alternator going bad, water pump going bad, or a transmission problem. Have this diagnosed by a professional.

How do you spell whining?

The correct way to spell it would be "whining".

Plymouth Voyager alternator going bad How do you tell?

There are generally two signs that the alternator is going bad. First is the noise. A new noise will begin to be heard. Something like a whining when the car is accelerating. Second is the smell. You may smell burning from the engine department.

How do you use whining in a sentence?

my sister is whining because she couldn't have her toy

1994 Legacy which is making a whining noise and a if you lift the bonnet there is a burning hot metal kind of smell around the power steering alternator?

It could be a bearing in your alternator that has gone out. Start your car and do whatever it takes to reproduce the sound. When the vehicle is making the sound, put a screw driver against your alternator and put your ear against the other side of the screw driver. If you hear the whining noice clearly through the screw driver, it's probly the alternator. Move the screw driver around the area and see if the noise that is passed through the screw driver is louder anywhere else, besides the alternator. If not, it's coming from your alternator. You can use a long screw driver or any solid piece of material, but the handle of a screw driver is a little more comfortable against your ear than other options.

The cause of the whining noise in the front end of your 2004 supercharged Monte Carlo especially during cold weather?

The cause of the whining noise in the front end of a 2004 supercharged Monte Carlo, especially during cold weather, is the idler pulley. This is located at the driver's side of the engine between the alternator and a/c pump.