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If the bike currently stalls once it gets hot this should help.

Assuming your turning the choke off chances are you have a problem with your carb, specifically the choke. Good way to check is remove the spark plug and see if its clean. If you see black soot all over it your getting too rich a mixture and that's likely a carb fault. If so take it off, inspect the choke mech is working properly, make sure when you turn it off its actually all the way off within the carb. Since it off check nothing else is plugged and clean it. reinstall, start with choke on, bring up to temp and start again without choke

THis fixed my son's xr80 with the same issue.

Good Luck

also i would check your ring because i have had the same problem you ring gets hot and it looses its spring and doesnt have enough compression to start

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Q: You own a KTM 125 SX and it will only start when it's cold the gas is off and the choke is onWhat do you do?
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I have a Yamaha yz 426f and it only runs with the choke on it runs good with the choke on hot cold doesn't matter hard to start but it dies after you turn the choke off got any ideas?

Try cleaning you carburator, check your fuel filter, your float, could be any of these.

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For cold starts a choke allows a richer fuel mixture until the engine warms to operating temperature. A Choke is only necessary on motorcycles with a carburetor. Fuel injected bikes adjust their fuel mixture automatically by a local ECU so no manual choke is needed.

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How do you lower the start up cold idle speed on a 1991 Toyota 22R engine?

Sounds like you need to have the throttle body linkage assembly cleaned and adjusted. The only other way to do this is to disable the choke linkage assy. but I do not recommend that, especially if you live in a part of the country that gets really cold.

How do you start craftsman 6.75 eager 1 lawn mower?

The only thing I could add to comments is when running properly . I pump the choke eight times and it will start right up and if the motor dies I'll pump the choke three times it will start right up and I'm on my way to mowing.

Why does my 1993 Mazda mx-3 won't start when the weather is cold?

when your trying to start it try flooring the gas pedal, i know its fuel injected and not carbonated but there is a natural choke when trying to turn over, im only 18 and might not know what im talking about but it works for my 93 mazda mx3

Should you drive a motorcycle with the choke out?

No, only use the choke until the bike can idle without it

Why do you have to pump the gas pedal every time you first start your 85 buick regal after is has been sitting for an hour or two?

Your car has a carburetor. It uses a choke to provide rich fuel mixture during cold-start operation. The choke can only change position from cold/rich to warm/lean or back again when the throttle is not completely closed (when you step on gas pedal at least a little bit.) Also, pressing the gas pedal puts a little extra gas into the intake to ease cold starting. The faster you press the pedal, the more gas it pumps out. If you pump too much, you can flood it which can make starting hard.

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I have a Bs 12.5 lawn mower it will only start with the aid of starting fluid checked the fuel filter and cleaned carb?

Inspect choke linkage for binding/failure. Remove air cleaner and inspect choke plate operation.

Why does Briggs and stratton 5.5hp run only with the choke on?

Your Briggs and Stratton 5.5hp only runs with the choke on because it needs a tune up.

Why does a 1985 Mercury Marquis run in park but stall when shifted into gear with cold engine in cold weather but run OK in warm weather.Has central fuel injectors.?

I believe that was one of the last carburated vehicles around, wasn't it? If it's carburated you might need to adjust the choke a little to have it run better in the cold.AnswerOn your vehicle's carb there is a choke pull which has the job of controlling the closed choke at start-up to the open choke at operating temperature. This may be the problem. The choke pull is attached to the choke blade and to test it a person attaches a hand held pump ( mity-vac) to test them. The pull should pull the the choke blade open just a little after start-up to keep the car running when it is colder out, and if yours is bad, it could cause exactly what you are writing about. Check this out.I hope this helps you. Mark NOTE: This vehicle has automatic transmission and CFI ( central fuel injectors). Therefore, there is no choke and a computer regulates the fuel/air mixture as well as the idle speed. Since this stalling only happens in cold weather, would I be right if I concluded that the ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor is sending a faulty signal to the computer that the engine is warm in cold weather, thereby, not increasing the gas in the fuel/air mixture when shifted into gear, causing the engine to stall?AnswerGood News: I solved the problem by replacing the engine coolant temperature sensor and so far no stalling as low as 23 degrees F.

Bike only runs with choke on turn choke off it goes deadwhat should i do?

clean the carb

Why Diesel hard to start only in morning?

its probably cold where you live. plug it in.

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your automatic choke is fouled up or misadjusted for your temperature zone.

Why does my 93 Lincoln Town Car run rough only when cold before the motor is wormed up?

It is possible for a 1993 Lincoln Town Car to run rough when it is cold because the choke is in the on position. This is normal on some cars.

How does the choke relay work on a 1981 Toyota corona?

the purpose of the choke relay is to supply power to the choke heater ONLY when the engine is running; otherwise if you left the key in the run position but the engine wasn't running the choke would open up even though the engine wasn't warmed up. then when you tried to start it, it wouldn't start because no choke. the control circuit for the relay usually comes off of the back of the alternator triad winding (alternator not turning=engine not running). without looking at a wiring diagram i can't tell you the details of the wiring but that's the idea of it- engine running turns relay on and sends power to choke heater and slowly opens up choke; key on but engine not running means relay is off and no power to choke heater. if the relay is not working, then no power will go to choke heater and the choke will stay on too long (or if ambient temps. are low it may stay on all the time). fast idle will stay on also as it is hooked up to choke linkage.

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Most were full choke, but the only accurate to determine the choke is to measure the inside diameter of the muzzle with a caliper.

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A problem with a hard to start lawn mower can possibly be fixed by playing with the choke mechanism. Turn the choke all the way out and pump the gas three times, then close the choke nearly all the way and try the key. If the mower does not start, try again pumping only twice.

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