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Q: You purchased a car from a buy here pay here place the car is in your name but they called your husbands work asking for you you do not work can they come after your husband or since you am not workin?
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What is a female widower?

Wives that have lost their husband are called Widows. Husbands that have lost their wife are called widowers.

What is Persephone's husbands name?

Persephone's husband is called 'Hades'. He is the Greek god of the underworld.

What is your husbands sister called?

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law.

What was Amelia Earhart's husbands name?

Amelia Earhart's husband was called George Palmer Putnam

Why did you have an affair with your husbands cousin?

Only you hold the key to why you had an affair with your husband's cousin. It's called cheating for one.

Who is the husband in a same-sex marriage?

If the marriage is between two men, then both are called husbands.If two men marry, both of them are husbands. If two women get married, there is no husband.

Your husbands friend told you about your husbands affair but now he is attracted to you should you tell your husband?

You already know two wrongs don't make a right so the best thing to do is let your husband know about his affair and that his friend told you and is now interested in you. Be careful of gossip! Communication is the best skill anyone can have so sit down and calmly discuss this with your husband. It is also up to you to make it plain to your husband's so-called friend that you are not interested in him and stay clear of him. This is no friend of your husbands because he is hoping to have an affair with you behind your husband's back.

What is it called when a husband gives approval for an operation on his wife who is severe automobile accident The husbands approval for the operation is called?

He's the next of kin. I think it's like the living will.

What is femenine of widower?

Its your mom when I stick it up her butt she started to scream it idk good luck ok here it is Wives that have lost their husband are called Widows. Husbands that have lost their wife are called widowers.

How would a wife react if she called the husbands hotel room and it was a woman who answered the phone?

Most wives would be highly suspicious if they called their husband's hotel room and a woman answered, but, if a wife's husband is a businessman that may have a partner or co-partner with him or he is meeting someone on business then it is a wise wife that will check it out before she accuses her husband of cheating.

What is man married to husbands sister called?

There is no common ancestor, so you aren't really related. Related by marriage is one way to describe the relationship.

Why is a gun called a widow-maker?

In War, Guns are used to kill people, Often the husbands and fathers of loved ones, leaving a wife without a husband or, more commonly, a Widow. which is why Guns are called widow makers