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does it have a computer, is it correct computer timing may have been moved while swapping.

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What part would I need if the car cranks but doesnt turn over?

Cranks is the motor turning over, But cranks and won't start means either you no fuel or no spark or both.

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What fuse do you change if your car doesn't start?

If it cranks but doesnt start it could be your fuel pump relay or your fuel pump could be bad.

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on top of the fuse box that's where it is on my 95 corolla i can take a pic if urs doesnt have it include a subject or ill think it's spam

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My 92 Chevrolet caviler cranks but wont start. and doesnt have spark. is it the coil or crank sensor?

It could be your coil but then again I would have to see it to know.

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Diesel engine will not kick over but plenty of battery power?

if it wont crank the the starter is probally out but if it cranks and the motor doesnt turn either the belt is to loose or the engine is locked up

1984 Nissan 300zx turbo but my headlights breaks light interior lights wont turn on and now the car just cranks over but doesnt turn on?

Check all the fuses.

Your 97 ford ranger died on your going to workand now it wont start back upits cranks over but just doesnt starti replaced the fuel filter and still doesnt workreplaced the battery and still?

Stupidity hurts. Learn to do some diagnosis or take it to a mechanic.

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