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Sometimes, after you've replaced the battery in the remote, you have to reset it. Stand near the vehicle then press and hold the unlock button for 15 seconds or more.

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Q: You put a new battery in your key fob and the light flahes but the central lockin doesnt work you think it mayhave the wrong battery in it but you dont know what battery it should b as they threw old?
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How do you service tire monitor on Chevy Cobalt?

The owners manual will not give the following information but chapter 3 around pges 40 -49 will tell you how to get into tire monito learning section. 1. Take all four valvestem caps off. 2. Find a tool such as a small diameter philips screwdriver that will work to let air out of the valvestem. A common aluminum 1/8" rivet (round end into valve stem) works very well. 3. Add air so that the tire pressures are all 40+ psi (do not exceed the tire's max. inflation rating on the sidewall). 4. Turn key to on position. 5. Apply parking brake. 6. Press and hold lock/unlock down at the same time (for about 3 seconds) on the key fob until the horn honks and left front park light flashes. Without keyless or remtoe entry fob use the Driver Information buttons on the left of sterring wheel. Press and hold bothe DIC and reset button at the same time for abot 10 seconds this will bring up the personal menu use DIC button to get to Tire monitor menu press and hold reset button untill horn honks and left front light flahes then continue with step 7. 7. Start at the LF tire. 8. Let air out for 4 seconds - count it out (one one-thousand, two one-thousand, three one-thousand, four one-thousand). 9. Wait for about 15 seconds* for the honk (sometimes it'll honk right away). 10. Repeat 7 and 8 for the RF tire. 11. Repeat 7 and 8 for the RR tire. 12. Repeat 7 and 8 for the LR tire. 13. With all four now done, the system will give it's final multi-honk completion note. 14. Use a quality gauge to set your final pressures (a good gauge will exactly match the sensor readings). 15. Replace all four valvestem caps. *If you've waited fifteen seconds for the honk and nothing has happened. Don't panic - Simply repeat 8 and 9 again as there is a two minute window to do each tire sensor.

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