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You put in the code to your radio and it says err?


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It means ERROR

Its old English for error but also they use it this way because on the screen there usually isn't enough room for the whole word

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whats number do i put in to unlock radio is it security code or radio code to unlock radio?

1999 Mitsubishi Radio unlock when stuck in "oFF" mode. I found this somewhere else. So many had the answer but with not all of the variables. Sometimes the CODE is written on top of the radio, or you can go to the dealer with proof of ownership and they will get the radio code from your VIN #. Your radio probably says "oFF" right now because you probably tried three different codes that were wrong. Remember you must hit the "TAPE" button to engage the code. After 3 wrong tries, the radio will go into off mode. You will need to leave your key in the first position with everything off except for the radio, in 2 hours or less the radio will change to "code". you can now put in the code that the dealer gave you. If it says "ERR" after you try the code that they gave you----do not try again !!!! Remove the radio and bring it to the dealer or you can write down the letters and #s from the top of the radio and the dealer will have to get you the radio code from those #s. Migaleenne..p.s. Have fun taking it out!

Use the number buttons on the radio. Once you input the code the radio will we reset.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse radio code is the code that makes your radio work. You need to put this code in any time you disconnect the battery.

In order to clear the radio code "ERR-3" in a Honda Accord, you simply open the hood and remove the radio fuse (there are two of them so remove the one closest to the car window) for about 10-15 seconds, put it back in and close the box, crank up the car and enter the vehicles radio code(this is usually located on a white card when you first purchase the vehicle or possibly in your glove compartment in the manual), make sure you enter the code correctly, and then the error will be removed and you can start playing music in your car! If you do not have the code then go to the Honda Owners website and register your Accord. After you register it you can get the code for free.

my 2001 diamante radio wont turn on after i put the code in

if you have the code you should put the 4 digit code in the radio by pushing the radio # buttons then push power

you go on line and you put your code in the little box that says code here

I just bought a used 190E and had this radio problem at least 3 times in the past week. Just turn the radio on and use the station buttons and put in the code. Radio will come on at once. Ken Jones

melvsta here, ye take it out, u'll need a special radio removal pins, fit either side of radio, check fuse on back of radio, if that's ok, its most probably wiring fault, if radio does turn on and it says 'error', its a Renault job to fix hopefully under warranty, if it says code, check your handbook for code and instructions how to put in, good luck

The only way to put a code in is when you log in, under your password it says secret code in bold, that is where you should write the code.

You insert the 5 digit code by pressing the radio preset buttons.

I Have a Astra Mark 4 vr500 radio please can you tell me how to entre the code Type your answer here...

use the numbers on the radio buttons. it will reset automatically. You must have the car at least one click for 2 hours STRAIGHT then the radio will ask for the code. you will have 3 chances to get the code right. If you do not have the code you can stop by a local Volvo dealer.

There is a code inside the cover of the folder of books that came with the car and an instruction manual of how to put the code into the car

First,,,,,You must have the code that you put in. i did not put code in i purchaced it like that Then,,,, You need the code that the previous owner put in or you can ask at the Chevy stealership for advice.

How to put aradio code on arenult laguna on 02 plte

No, you dont need the code if your gonna put in an aftermarket deck. The only time you would need the code is if you took the stock radio out and unpluged the harness, so its not a problem with a new radio.

If the battery has been pulled or the radio has been touched while the car is off, the radio can require a security code. This is usually included with your owners manual. If it is not there anymore, then you can contact your Nissan dealership and they can provide you with the code.

on the top corner it says enter code and u click that and enter code

Almost all manufactures do not put the radio code on the car. You can call the dealer and give him the vehicle identification number and they will give you the code. They are different for every car.

Put the code in. If you don't have the code you'll probably have to take a trip to the dealer.

call the dealer they have a code that has to be put in it

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