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If you are still taking your Birth Control pill, then very low chance that you will get pregnant. Even during those days:)

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Q: You read somewhere that between the days 12 and 18 of your period you can become pregnant is this possible even if you've been on birth control pills for more than a year?
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Is it possible to get pregnant if you used a condom and birth control?

It is possible, but the chances are very low

Can you get pregnant if you have the essure birth control?

It's possible to get pregnant when using Essure, but it is not at all likely.

Can you get pregnant being off the shot for a month?

Anything is possible. You can get pregnant on birth control. So being off it a month..of course its possible.

Can you be pregnant if you spotted during your cycle while on birth control?

Always possible, not likely but possible.

Could i be pregnant if on birth control but didn't take correctly?

it is possible

Is it possible to become pregnant after a week off the birth control pill?

Yes, you can get pregnant if you do not take it every day.

Can you get pregnant if you are on birth control and have taken it correctly however are on antibiotics and the condom breaks and how likely is it?

It is possible that you could be pregnant

Is it possible to get pregnant through withdrawal?

MOST people get pregnant using withdrawal, because it's NOT birth control!

Is it possible to get pregnant if you had a tampon in and you take birth control?

It is possible to get pregnant whenever you engage in sex, this is why you use birth control to reduce the risks of unintended pregnancy. The fact you're using a tampons makes no difference what-so-ever, a tampon is not a form of birth control so has no effect on whether you'll get pregnant.

Is birth control effective at preventing pregnancy?

it is effective to a point..but not always. you can still get pregnant using birth control. its a big preventor of pregnancy but its still possible to get pregnant.

Is It possible to be pregnant after 2 abortions?

There is always a chance of pregnancy. The only birth control that is 100% of not getting pregnant is abstinence.

Can you get pregnant on adiana?

The Adiana system is a kind of permanent birth control. It is still possible to get pregnant, however, it is very rare.

Is it possible to remain on birth control not knowing your body is starting a pregnancy?

It's possible to be pregnant, on birth control, and not know it. If so, you'll just stop the birth control when the pregnancy is discovered.

You missed your period last month you have an IUD but you are also taking birth control pills can you be pregnant?

YES - no birth control devices are 100% effecitive. It is still possible to get pregnant.

Is it possible to get pregnant starting your pills a week late.?

It's possible to get pregnant even while on birth control pills. Not taking them on time greatly increases your chance of pregnancy.

Is it possible to be pregnant on your first week of birth control?

yeah. i'd really get that checked out if i were you....

Can you get pregnant if you missed 3 birth control pills?

Its possible, but you have intercourse during that time.

If you are bleeding after the Mirena is removed can you still get pregnant?

It is possible that you can get pregnant after Mirena is removed even if you are bleeding. If you don't want to be pregnant, use another method of birth control.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you stop taking your birth control pill?

possibly, but maybe not after a little while.

Can you get pregnant on your period and just started taking birth control pills?

If you had sex it is possible you are pregnant. The chance of getting pregnant on your period, while taking BCP is quite small.

What are the odds of getting pregnant if you are on birth control?

the odds of getting pregnet whail on birth control are vearry slim its possible but vearry unlikly.

Is it possible to be pregnant even if the guy pulled out and you were on birth control?

Yes it is possible. Birth control is not 100% effective. And pulling out, while it does reduce the chances, it does not eliminate the chance of sperm getting to an egg.

Is it possible to become pregnant if you are taking birth control and prescription drugs?

yes. nothing is ever guaranteed

Is it possible to get pregnant during ovulation if using birth control pills?

You will not ovulate if you take BCPs as directed.

If you use a condom but it rips and the girl has been taking birth control for 20 days will she get pregnant?

it is possible