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Does anyone have any advice?

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Q: You really like this girl but she lives a bit of a distance away and you would like to ask them out but how should you go about It?
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Where does Kane really live?

Kane lives in tennese but he is moving to newhapshire really soon so i would say he lives in New Hampshire

At what angle from a horizontal should a weapon be fired to achieve minimum distance traveled by the projectile?

Do you really mean minimum distance? This would be achieved if the projectile went straight up and down, ie 90 deg from horizontal. Maximum distance would be obtained at 45 deg to horizontal.

What is following distance?

Following distance is exactly what it sounds like it would be. The following distance is the distance you should be behind something when following it.

What are the chances of a long distance relationship?

The Chances are very high, if both you and your partner like each other that much to beable to go out. I've had a long distance relationship. i live in London but my ex lives in Australia. and i still love him to bits now and if i could, i would get back to him, but they do get hard. it depends on the distance really.

How would your weight change if you tripled your distance from the center of the earth?

It would decrease. As gravity decreases by the square of the distance, the weight should be reduced by a factor of 9 with a tripling of the distance.

Long distance RL If a guy that used to really really like me and miss me whenever we wouldn't talk would he miss me if I broke up with him?

of course he would miss you, that is, if he really cares about you

When would a tape measure be used?

when you are measuring something in lenghs and distance and it is really handy.

How can you consider an outdated person not useful in your daily lives?

I Wouldn't ! I Would Just Consider Them A Long Distance Friend :)

Are you really in Memphis?

Well, technically, I am currently in Southaven, and my dad lives in Germantown. However, they are really more like suburbs of Memphis. Also, my mom lives in Memphis. Based on these facts, I would have to say, yes, I really am in Memphis.

Your baby blue tongue lives in your garden It's getting really cold outside What should I do to make sure he doesn't die Should you bring him inside in the cold weather?

This would be a good idea. what kind of question is that???????????????????????

What is mean by gps accuracy?

That would be the distance between the place where yourGPS says you are and the place where you really are.

What is the average distance between the sun and the earth?

i really don't no but i was hoping that yall would tell me

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