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Give him a quick, short kiss and then back off, and if he wants to kiss you he will, and if not you will get the hint.

but what if he rejects u

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Just ask about his ex but dont ask too much. And see if he really wants you or her

dont do it! u'll regret it! i was about 2 do that once but i didn't and i feel good

if you feel uncortable then dont do it

Um, i dont really no. u can try talking 2 him or do wat u think is right.

It means that he wants more attention, or you don't love him, or he wants you to have sex with him.

Either he wants to kiss you or he want to eat you out. If you dont know what that is, google it

See if he wants to be, but dont rush him

Well like you said you dont want him back so tell him that. Tell him that you have done got over him and you have move on to bigger and better things. You do not have to go back out with him just because he wants you back, you are your own person so do what you want but please dont go back to him because i did the same thing your doing.....and that isWONDERING WHAT I SHOULD DO!!!!!

she probably is busy or is out with friends or she doesnt really like you she just wants to be friends.

let him down gentley.. talk to him but in a friend way but if he gets seriouse then just dont say anything back... tame him! :) haha

if you truley love him and can trust him take him back and if you cant trust him tell him "girls with arses like mine dont go out with guys with faces like yours

if he acts like you dont excist then dumb him hes not worth it! you want a guy that wants and acts like he wants you and that you do excist.

tell him that if he really wants you that he should show it or else your going to leave him for someone else

tell him that he is moving to fast for you and he needs to slow down. if he really loves you he WILL respect that.

i dont understand why you would want to break up with your boyfriend if you really like him.

if you don't know what the other person wants, ask, first rule of dating is talk to each other, you have to be open and honest with one another.

He does want u back,the ? is really what is the motive? Guys that leave u and continue to lead ur mind on only have dicetful motive they dont think from the heart about ur feelings. Only whats good for them and how easy will it be to get it.

do what he wants in bed. dont be selfish.. do anything he wants- be as raunchy as you can be.

Get back together then eventually they will take note you got back together and talked even though they said no talking

well if they really love you they will most likely break up with there boyfriend or girlfriend but if they dont they dont really love you!

No. I dont think so. She is really busy with gymnastics so I dont think she has a boyfriend right now. But i could be wrong.

You dont......... Plain and simple.. Move on really, if he left you for someone else then you are better then him and he wasnt fully into the relationship.. You dont need to do anything to get back at someone.. Just know that you are the better person here and move on........

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