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Try a pregnancy test or hormone count at your doctors!!

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Before I found out I was pregnant I had a really weird sensation in my stomach... the only way I could describe it was 'butterflies', however it was almost like a combination between a feeling of being really happy and really nervous all at once. It would come and go and it just felt different. I knew if I were pregnant it would be waaaay to early to feel anything but this odd sensation made me suspect pregnancy. Sure enough, I am now 10 weeks so yes, definately, 'butterflies' in the stomach can be an early symptom of pregnancy!

I was seaching through questions and came accross yours. i have two boys and i know for a fact that yes your belly does feel like you have butterflies in it. Hi there - yes absolutely - I had a weird sensation of butterflies in my stomach too before I even knew I was pregnant... it could be something to do with implantation.

It could be stress or you could really be pregnant but you should really think about taking the test.

If you didn't use any contraceptives, yes then you could be pregnant. You being really wet doesn't mean a thing either way.

If you really had a miscarriage, you can't still be pregnant, but you could be pregnant again before you get your next period.

if you know you're pregnant and you're having a bloody clotting period you should really go to your dr. exspecially if its really heavy it could be a miscarriage.

There are many ways that you could look after butterflies including giving them a safe habitat with no predators. You could also feed them nectar.

Your question really is: could I be pregnant? The answer is, yes, you could be: go see a doctor and get a test.

Well if you are not pregnant, then obviously it doesn't mean that you are but it could be your brain feed your subconscious yearnings if you really wish that you are pregnant.

If they could, they would!

yes but how old are you so that we can answer the ? correct .To really know

If the bleeding was really light and didn't last long then it could have been implantation bleeding and yes, you could be pregnant. Take a pregnancy test to find out.

If you are leaking milk from your breasts and you are not pregnant it could be a sign of hormone imbalance or infection. You really should get this checked out by your doctor ASAP

It could be a sign of pregnancy , but it can also mean many other things . You should experince other things before the cramping such as morning sickness and headaches. If you suspcet your pregnant though best thing to do is do a home pregnancy kit or arrange an apointment at your local family planning clinic or surgery. Good luck , Kimberley

For how long? It could be nothing or it could be dangerous. You really need to get to the docs or hospital.

There could be an unintended consequence of adding habitat for butterflies. This consequence might include the addition of unwanted animals.

this is not a sure sign that you could be pregnant it could just be an irregular period mayb eif you are under any stress or if youhave changed your diet. however this can sometimes happen when pregnant and if you think you could be pregnant then you should have a test or contact your doctor.

Butterflies live on plants and some also eat plants. Butterflies also lay there eggs on the leave so it could be safe.This is where butterflies live.:) ^_^

Answer If ur cramping and bleeding at 5 weeks pregnant it could be two things: a miscarriage or you thought that you were pregnant and you were just really REALLY late. IF CONFIRMED PREGNANCY, CALL DOC IMMEDIATELY OR GO TO EMERGENCY ROOM.

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