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Make sure the wires are connected correctly. Look at the link below and pick your correct engine. Either the 302 or the 351. If the awnser above doesn't work try test the ignition modual. Duraspark box.

2006-09-08 23:57:38
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What is wrong with a car when you turn ignition and it hesitates before starting?

Check fuel pressure and make sure that the air filter is clogged. If the vehicle has not been tuned up recently, check the spark plugs for wear.

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Why do your 1987 Jeep Wrangler crank when you turn on the ignition?

My first guess is that your ignition switch has gone bad, but if you have done work on the engine recently recheck your wiring.

Why do your Jeep Wrangler starter engage when you turn on the ignition?

It sounds like your ignition switch has gone bad. If you have done some sort of work on the starter recently recheck your wiring.

Which is the ignition and which is the door key on a 1989 Jeep Cherokee the rounded or the square?

The square key is ignition and the round key is the door key. It's the same scheme as GM used until recently.

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96 s10 that was running fine but recently had trouble with ignition When the key was turned to on position no lights turn on but if you turn it farther than the starter turns but the car doesn't start?

Check to see if it has a rod coming out of the bottom area of steering column--controlled by ignition switch that may have become mal-adjusted or bent I'd start with the ignition switch....

1992 Ford Mustang recently the signal lights stopped working you have checked the fuse and bulbs all are good and not blown What else can be at fault?

take the column cover off and make sure that the wiring on the ignition switch is fully seated..if that's the case then get a wire tie and secure the wires to the ignition switch.( its located underneath the ignition where you put in your key)

4 way indicators flash on after ignition and keys are taken out of kia sportage 2002 they stop only when keys are placed back into the ignition?

well withoput the specific wiring diagram for the vehicle if front of me, i would suspect ignition switch. My question is this, have you ahd anyone do any work on the car very recently,or body work say from an accident ?

Why won't the engine shut down after turning off ignition?

After the ignition key is turn off the car runs for about 3-5 seconds and shuts down. Recently, I had to disconnected the coil wire to stop the engine. The next morning it went back to the original problem.

Recently LED clock display won't turn off after ignition is turned off The radio used to turn off when I open the door and ignition is off. Only turns off manually. What would cause this?

It sounds like a wire short some where.

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Why would a 1995 Crown Victoria with the original thermostat only produce luke warm heat if the coolant is full and recently flushed?

Thermostat stuck open. Replace.

Harley Davidson Ignition locked up in off position and won't turn on?

You can probably go on eBay and buy a new switch cheap as I recently did and they are very easy to replace.

Engine wont start no spark to coil?

Recently had same experience with my dodge and escort. in the escort it was the distributor and the dodge was the brainAnswerCheck your ignition module in your distributor that is a good place to start.

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What is wrong with a car radio when it will not cut off when the car is off?

If it has recently been wired in it has probibly not been wired in correctly. There are normally two power points for a car radio, one constant and another that works only when the ignition is on. By the sounds of it, it is wired into the constant power source, hence not switching off with the ignition.

1995 Nissan door locks and security system malfunctioning?

I have a 2001 Nissan quest,recently my door locks are malfunction,when I pull the door in it locks,when key in ignition it locks,what cause this problem?