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Generally, your status as a recepient of the loan is unrelated to your status as an employee. (Frequently, the loan itself is no longer owned by the original company and has been sold to another, although the original one may service it, that is - accept payments and accounting for the new owner). Hence, you can expect the company to respond like it does to any customer that fails to make the payments on a loan. That your ability to pay may be caused by your work status is not a consideration. Sometimes, the lender may have provided a special rate or terms on the loan as a benefit to an employee. Depending on the specific agreement, the loan terms may change, generally the benefit ceases after a certain time (or the loan may even become due) when you are no longer an employee. That means your payment may increase. Look at your particular loan documents.

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Company life insurance policy in Canada.-Our Company has now decided to pay these monies now in a one-time payment rather than at death.Would payment be counted as income and taxable?

Waiting on answer

What are the effects of inflation on distribution of income and on the balance of payment?

It leads to an arbitrary redistribution of income and difficulties in the baqlance of payment

What is DPR in stock market?

DPR is Dividend Payment Ratio. This is calculated to arrive at the percentage distributed to the equity share holders to the total income. The objective is to ascertain the trend/intention of management of the company to share the income with the owners of the company.

What is the difference between prepaid income and accrued income?

prepaid income means liability for company and accrued income is asset of the company prepaid income means company receiving income in advance as well as accrued income means event is occur but we are not receiving income to company ,

What does accrued income mean?

Accrued Income is an income already incurred but no payment is received yet.

How does the dividend income affect net income?

Dividend income received from other company increases the net income of company.

Can the credit company sue you for putting the the wrong annual income on the application?

There would be no reason for a lawsuit. If the company believes you misrepresented you annual income, they would most likely close your account. The only reason to sue you would be for non-payment of the outstanding balance, which they have a right to do.

What happens when domestic income rises?

What happens when domestic income rises?

Want to know about kyc in Indian life insurance company?

KYC in life insurance stands for the knowing facts about the client details related to his premium payment . It stand for checking the source of income and his premium payment options.If client is giving more than or equal to Rs 1 lac per year premium in single company then he needs to provide his income proof.

Income should be paid on a house payment?

25 percent of income should go to house payment but the average is more like 50 percent.

What is the definition of income?

income is what you can earn including your salary, other suport income like your rental income and some profit payment

What is the formula for debt -payment- to -income rato?

assasinate the president

Do you have to pay taxes on an insurance claim?

Typically, the recipient of a claim payment is not required to report it as income. If the company is paying you for damages or injuries most likely it is not taxable. If you are collecting payment from a company for work done then it is income and the company should provide the relevant tax forms at the end of the year. 1) My arm is broken in an accident and the responsible person's insurance pays me $500 <---- not income 2) I lone my extra car to my mother because of an accident and charge 10.00 per day that the insurance reimburses (Mom's or the responsible person's) <------ income (10-99 tax form expected)

Does the mortgage company verify your income?

Yes the mortgage company verifies income.

Which is not considered an entitlement payment?

income tax refund

do your company help low income peoples?

do your company help low income peoples

An officer of Carson Company recently commented that when he receives the firm's financial statements He looks at just the bottom line of the income statement -- the line that shows the net income or?

An officer of Carson Company recently commented that when he receives the firm's financial statements. He looks at just the bottom line of the income statement -- the line that shows the net income or net loss for the period. He said that he does not bother with the rest of the income statement because "it's only the bottom line that counts." He also does not read the balance sheet. Do you think this manager is correct in the way he uses the financial statements? Why or why not?

When is tax payment due if already filed?

The federal income tax payment and most state income tax payments for 2008 are due today, April 15, 2009.

Downpayment on 12000 vehicle at drivetime?

depends on the loan term that you were approved for, as well as your income. The higher your income, the higher payment you can afford, therefore the less down payment you need.

If a defaulted student loan is consolidated with repayment at 0 does this affect credit rating for non-payment?

No, if you receive an income sensitive repayment plan after consolidating and the payment is $0 because of your dependents and income, then it will not adversely affect your credit score.

Meaning Advance Payment Tax?

Advance payment of tax means to pay tax along with the earning of his income this tax is paid on the current year income in the same year .In fact, it is paid as advance and it is called advance payment of tax

Equation for calculating transfer payment in national income?


Is ther income tax on life insurance payment?


What was the payment to the church of 10 percent of a persons income?

The tithe.

What determines the payment of an of an income annuity?

The quantum of amount parked, time period,options chosen, age of the annuitant at the time of parking the fund are few determinants in the payment of an income annuity.