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highly unlikely...its probably a yeast infection...

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Is it normal to have jelly -like clumps in girls cum?

Yes, it is normal for vaginal discharge to include jelly-like clumps.

What is made from soil?

It is made from dead plants and animals with minerals and broken rocksNOT SOIL CLUMPS

What part of speech is clumps?

Clumps Plural noun - as in "the oatmeal has clumps in it" Verb - as in "wet snow clumps together to make great snowballs"

How do you send a fan letter to Leonardo DiCaprio?

On MySpace, Twitter, Facebook etc. but you do realise that he probably gets millions daily with peoples dirty underwear, proposals, clumps of their hair and he doesn't actually answer all of them.

What is the meaning of pus cell many in clumps result in urinalysis?

meaning of pus clumps

How do you move clumps of grass Pokemon Emerald?

By moving clumps of grass in pokemon emerald.

Why does a girl's discharge smell weird?

The classic two infections girls get is yeast or Trichomoniasis ("trich" pronounced "trick"). Yeast is white thin to thick liquid with soft clumps that look like cottage cheese. Trichomoniasis has greenish or yellowish color. If a girl's vagina smells badly, or you see a discharge-- hands off! Don't have oral sex or intercourse, because the infection will get on the penis; men can carry the infection, with or without symptoms. The best thing you can do is tell the girl, "I think you have an infection". And she should get medical treatment immediately.* Don't have sex when you suspect a girl has an infection.

What is cocci bacteria shaped like?

sometimes clumps Cocci bacteria is spherical, but yes sometimes it is in clumps.

In your underwear you find these weird brownish splotches that also have little small clumps is this my period?

Yes this is most likely your period but it is a little dry but its normal later it will be red instead of brown so start wearing pads girl and congratulations

Does soil form in clumps?


How do you tell my shih tzu has an ear infection?

If there is any discharge or foul odor coming from your dogs ears, then it has an ear infection. If you see clumps of brown or black, your dog may have ear mites. Check with your vet to be sure.

What secret bases Do NOt have any rocks or clumps of grass inside of them in Pokemon Emerald?

Just about every base has clumps and rocks. However, there is a tree on a floating island near Mauville with a sign about team aqua and magma. There aren't any clumps, but it is divided into 2 seperate rooms. In the Emerald Version, there are 3 clumps, just before where you need the boards. Can the boards cover up the clumps as well as the holes? If not, can you put any decorations on the clumps and rocks? Or how can you get rid of them in Emerald version? Thank you for your help.

Do toads lay their eggs in clumps?

All toads are frogs and all frogs lay their eggs in clumps, so, yes!!

How do you stop clumps on your lashes?

When i use mascara, i have a spare mascara wand that is dry.. after the application is dry, i brush out any clumps :)

What part of the plant is broccoli floret?

The small clumps around the perimeter of the head.

What are clumps of grass called?


Does the white goo in your underwear become hard stuff?

First, if the white 'goo' looks like cottage cheese in small and bigger clumps with semi-liquid as well, chances are very high that it is a yeast infection. For some women, the yeast infection becomes so chronic that the women don't even notice the usual intense itching sensation or notice the typical symptoms. Drugstores now sell home test kits to test for yeast. Since yeast can be transferred to your partner, and because chronic yeast can lead to other problems, it's really worth seeing a doctor or doing the self-test. However, women can also have an occassional natural white discharge, especially near ovulation. This white discharge is only present for a day or so, and it is more creamy in texture. Not to be gross, but it rather looks like a small amount of snot. This kind of discharge is normal, natural, and does not signal any problem. And, yes, if left in the underwear, it can dry and leave behind small dried 'spots'. If a discharge is greenish colored, you absolutely need to see a doctor.

Menstruation was on time and usual 2 weeks later there was clumps that resembled blood What were the clumps a miscarriage?

Clumps that resemble blood (like the kind you get on your period) may just be excessive blood that did not come out during your cycle. However, If the clump was discolored (white or gray) then there is a possibility that it is a miscarriage. You need to see your doctor if there is any sort of discoloration of the clumps.

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Astronomers have noted that galaxies are not evenly distributed, but occur in "clumps" and these clumps often belong to greater clumps, which in turn seem to be strung along some invisible lines. These they call "superstrings."

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tyndall effect

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hair extentions,

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