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You screwed up and mixed up the plug wires on your truck Its a 1989 dodge ram 250 4x4 How do you figure out what wires go where Help please?

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2009-10-19 23:21:22

you need to know the firing order and how the cylinders are

numbered. then pull the distributor cap and turn over engine to

determine what direction rotor is turning and remember it. then

remove #1 cylinder spark plug and put your thumb over hole. have

someone bump engine until you feel pressure pushing your thumb.

then put a long screwdriver in the hole to find the top of the

cylinder. have someone turn engine by hand at crankshaft pulley.

turn engine so piston moves up, when piston is up , this is close

to top dead cylinder on compression stroke. now look at distributor

rotor, it is pointing to the #1 post on distributor. put spark plug

back in, that's where you start. follow firing order. wire goes

from #1 dist post to #1 cylinder, the next post on distributor, in

correct rotation, goes to the next cylinder in firing order.

continue around distributor

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