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If you signed the contract, the car is yours. The dealer can have the car towed at your expense if you don't take it away.

it depends on the laws of the state in which the sale took place. a deposit on a car for example is always 100% refundable. no matter what any payment given to the dealer prior to delivery, either to "hold" the car or for the downpayment and the contract wasnt signed all monies are 100% refundable.

if the contract was signed and the customer never took the car off the lot then the each state has its own laws about money being refunded.

if the customer signed a contract, insured the car and drove the car off the lot then the car is 100% the property of the customer. and unless specifically noted in the sales contract may not be returned. this is know in the car business as a "cooling off period"

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Q: You signed a contract for a used car and got it financed but never took the car out the lot nor insured the car is the contract still binded?
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