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I have heard from several of my smoking friends that one of the first signs that they were pregnant is that when they went to lite up a ciggarete that it made them sick to their stomach. They said that they were only a few weeks along at the time because they had not missed their period yet, but later found out that they were pregnant.

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What does it mean to throw up yellow stuff?

That your pregnant

Can you still get pregnant you throw away already?

Not sure what you mean by "throw away already" but if you mean you had a miscarriage or abortion you should still be able to get pregnant. Miscarriage is very common, about 30%, and abortion does not make you sterile.

Can you eat smoke eal while pregnant?

Do you mean "Can you smoke while pregnant?" ?Because if you do, than the answer's simple: NO.Smoking while pregnant gives you deformed offspring. And in my book, that's Child Abuse.

Does it mean im pregnant when you feel like im going to throw up?

No... :)

If you take the pill and throw up blood does that mean that you are pregnant?

If you take the pill and throw up blood does that mean that you are preganant?" No. It means you need to see a doctor about why you are vomiting blood!

What does nauseatingly mean?

Something that makes you feel like you want to throw up.

If you throw up after you eat does that mean im pregnant?

No. You know that thing in the back of your throat? ( Not tonsil's ). I forgot what it's called, but sometimes, food hits it, and you can't feel it. When your pregnant, you throw up, ( Not because food hits the back of your throat ). You just feel sick when your pregnant. So don't worry when you throw up.

If you smoke and throw up what does it mean?

The assumption here is that the question refers to cigarette smoke. A person who has never smoked before can throw up simply because they are not used to it. A new smoker may not inhale the smoke properly, causing an intense cough or gagging, which can initiate vomiting. The taste of smoke may also cause someone to throw up. This is not a recommendation that anyone start or continue to smoke, but the longer a person smokes, the more used to it the body may become. The tendency to throw up after smoking usually goes away with continued use of cigarettes.

Can a female become pregnant if she doesnt smoke and the male does?

Yes, the female can become pregnant. Smoking does lower a man's sperm count. This doesn't mean you cannot get pregnant though.

Kissing enjoy and not been pregnant?

Answer: Your question makes no sence at all. But no you can not get pregnant of kissing if that's what you mean.

Are you pregnant if you feel nauseous but haven't thrown up?

yes. of course you can be pregnant not all people have to throw up, it doesnt mean you cant just get nauseous

What does it mean when your Stomach hurt feels like your going to throw up does that mean your pregnant?

No, my stomach hurts pretty bad right now but I could be sick or just something like a stomach ache. But that doesn't necessarily mean your pregnant.

If you throw up after you eat does that mean you might be pregnant?

no it means that you have eaten to much and that you digestive system cant digest your food

What do you mean marijuna?

That stuff you smoke that makes you feel all good and stuff. It's a natural erb.

If two weeks after sex you are feeling sick after eating and you cannot smoke because it makes you sick could you be pregnant?

If you did not use birth control you may be pregnant, if you have also missed your period. However nausea is a symptom of so many things that on its own it does not necessarily mean you are pregnant. Sometimes it will be the begining of your monthly friend. Also your mind makes you worry so much that it wants to believe you could be pregnant so you start developing symptoms. The best thing to do is just not have unprotected sex or take extra procautions.

If you feel sick after smoke a cigarette can that mean you are pregnant?

No. It means that you've ingested too much nicotine and you need to take a break.

What does it mean when a female ovulates?

it means that she is releasing an egg from her ovary, this makes her fertile, and therefore; she can get pregnant.

Why do men smoke?

What do you mean why do men smoke women smoke to.

What does smoke a dart mean?

Smoke a cigarette

Can you go to gym if pregnant?

What do you mean by pregnant? do you mean in real life pregnant or in Pokemon

Can feeling like you want to throw up a lot but not actually doing it mean your pregnant?

It could , but it could be nerves . If it happens all the time see your doctor .

What does it mean when a fish makes bubbles?

They blow air bubbles which may mean a sign of lack of air or they may be pregnant and are making a nest for the eggs.

What is a foul throw in track and field mean?

what is a foul throw??????????????

What does it mean when your head hurts so bad it makes your stomach hurt?

It means you have a migraine. The best way to get rid of it would be to throw up.

What happens if you smoke marijuana for two?

if by smoking for two you mean that you are pregnant. which is something i probably wouldn't do. but there is no real problems that can be found freom smoking marijuana when your pregnant, and everyone i know who has done that have bright children. so i guess it does no harm.