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You sold a 1988 HARLEY DAVIDSON 883 and need a new title how do you get it?


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2006-09-07 21:21:33
2006-09-07 21:21:33

No problem. Go to the DMV and file for a lost title.


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you need to take title or registration to a Harley dealer so they can order one

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Disclose to purchaser that the title is "attached" (held by lean holder). The bike would need to be paid off with the proceeds from the sale. Harley-Davidson (Eaglemark Savings Bank) would release the title to you or they can forward to new lean holder if buyer is having bike financed.

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simply put, buy a repair manual; you are going to need it. Be prepared to remove the primary cover.

You need to attend a certified Harley Davidson repair course, like the one offered at Universal Technical Institute. They partner with manufacturers like Harley and Honda to offer specialized training.

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