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Hi, Yes this is pregnancy symptoms. Do a pregnancy test now hun or wait several more days and do a test then. Take care. :o)

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Does spotting last the whole pregnancy?

spotting is not supposed to occur during pregnancy. if you are spotting it may be a sign of miscarriage. However, many women have spotted and still have successful pregnancies. Best to get it checked out, have a pelvic exam and ultrasound to see what's going on in there.

Is brown discharge associated with pregnancy?

Could be. A lot of pregnant women say they spotted early in pregnancy. However, I always get brown spotting before a period.

Can you still be pregnant if you spotted for 4 days?

Spotting during pregnancy happens sometimes, and doesn't necessarily mean that there's a problem with your pregnancy. Contact your prenatal care provider for advice specific to your situation.

Could you be pregnant if you spotted for six days after a pap smear then had a two-day period with sore nipples during and after?

Spotting after a pap smear is not a sign of pregnancy. Signs of pregnancy are an absent period and positive pregnancy test. Sore nipples are a common symptom of both menstruation and pregnancy.

Im late on your period and you spotted could you be pregnant?

spotted is a pregnancy sign go take a pregnancy test and find out

You are 8 weeks and you started spotting after sex are you having a miscarraige?

Although it is well known that women are at the most significant risk of a miscarriage in the first trimester of pregnancy 'spotting' can occur for many, various reasons at any stage of pregnancy and is not neccessarily indicative of a miscarriage. what I would say is that although 'spotting' is perfectly normal for many women at any stage of pregnancy, it can also serve as an early indication of potential problems and for this reason it is probably best that you consult a G.P. I have had three children and spotted frequently during one pregnancy, my son was born happy and healthy with no problems!! Hope this helps.

What is wrong if you've been spotting lightly for seven days now but doctors say everything looks fine so far?

How far along in your pregnancy are you? I spotted my whole pregnancy with my dd. If the doctor siad it's okay and your still not sure you can always get a second opinion.

Spotted for a few days then had fatigue had pain on the left side of your abdomen and bloat then had your period over your period now and still have all of these things going on are you pregnant?

maybe you should take a pregnancy test to be sure but you might have something else going on. ive been pregnant twice and never had those symptoms. its usually sore breast missed period, fatigue morning sickness some spotting is normal but it varies with every woman. just take a test to be sure.

Do you spot during pregnancy when it is a boy but not when it is a girl?

I spotted with both my girls. HI, I DIDN'T spot with my daughter but I DID spot with my son!!!!! Just wanted to put that in, but I don't know anything about it being a girl or boy, that's not up to us! Well I have 5 children and am pregnant with my 6th child.... My first born is a girl and I spotted with her early in the pregnancy. My next 3 children were boys and I did no spotting with them at all. My 5th child I did some spotting around 3 months and turned out she was a girl... Now the baby that I'm pregnant with now i spotted for like 2 days and at around 22 weeks pregnant i went in for an ultrasound and what do you know its another girl.... So i think that for me anyway spotting is a way to show me what I'm having!

How many days of spotting can there be before a miscarriage?

i spotted 4 days and on the fifth day i miscarried

Your breasts have hurt for a month you have fatigue and dizziness you have spotted a very small amount what is this?

Ovulation I think :/

People say that if spotting occurs during pregnancy the child would be female?

This is probably because some people got a girl after having spotted during pregnancy. There is however no medical explanations that support this as of a fact. We are most probably dealing with a myth that is hard to counter-prove because of lack of statistical material.

Does inbreeding has do with spotted cow?

Some, but not all. Spotting in cattle is a recessive trait and is kept by breeding spotted with spotted, regardless if a bull is bred to his daughters or a cow is bred to an unrelated bull. See the related link below for more info.

Is it normal if your pregnancy test was positive but you lighly spotted?

Yes, this is normal. A lot of women have a full period for their entire pregnancy.

Can you still be pregnant if was spotted and then the next 2 days you had heavy bleeding then you spotted again?

No,its not possible.If you are worried see a doctor for pregnancy test

When was the last jersey devil spotting?

Yes. it has been last seen spotted in September,19 2009 in Swedesboro,NJ

I started spotted on the 3rd of Sept spotted on off that week until the 10th when it got really heavy like a normal period like clottingsry could this mean I am preg my back also hurts alittle?

The spotting may have been a sign that your period was coming because usually pregnant women spot way less then their normal period. But, backaches is a sign of pregnancy. But if you spotted for a week then came on your period with backpain, that could be a sign of a miscarrige.

You spotted light pink discharge for 2 days no cramps then you had your internal and have spotted for the past 4 days sometimes its really light pink to a darker pink but only when you wipe im 9 weeks?

Spotting during pregnancy is very common and mostly harmless, so long as it is not accompanied by severe abdominal pains. Some women spot throughout their pregnancy with no problems. Go see your doctor if you are concerned, they can often refer you for an ultrasound to set your mind at ease.

What causes spotting during pregnancy?

stress mostly but could also be a sign of miscarriage so if you bleed at all during any pregnancy call your doctor immediately and go to the hospital. i spotted during my pregnancy also but it was just stress. i was put on bedrest for 4 days and it stopped. be careful bleeding during a pregnancy is a red flag notify your doctor immediately There are many things that can cause spotting, such as implantation bleeding and leftover blood trickling out weeks later for the same reason. The cervix can bleed if it is irritated. Sometimes there is a polyp which causes bleeding. Usually if it's not red 'fresh' blood, there is no need to worry (yet).

Is pregnancy possible if you barley spot two days before your period was due and then the day your period was due you had what seemed like a period but only bled for two days. This is unusual for me.?

Hi, The same thing happened to me. I was preggers and i spotted but i never came on. If you are on the Pill, spotting and ireegular periods are normal. I would go and get a pregnancy test just to be sure

You spotted 3 days ago and your period should have came yesterday and is late am i pregnant?

wats spotted Spotting is when you get only a few drops of blood during menstruation instead of the full flow. If you've been having sex, you could be pregnant, no matter how safe you were. But, just wait a while longer. Since you spotted, it's possible you aren't pregnant. The best way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test if you don't get your period in another week or so.

Could you be pregnant if while on the pill you didn't get your period and you spotted for 4 days after you missed the pill?

The spotting was break through bleeding because you missed the pill for 4 days. Because you missed the pill you did put yourself at risk of pregnancy so yes you could be pregnant.

What does it mean if you had your tubes tied 5 years ago and now you've missed a period and only spotted a little?

You will need to see your GYNO and/or doctor to be sure because you had your tubes tied. But spotting can be down to pregnancy. Do a test in a week or two weeks but see your doctor meanwhile.

What does spotting during pregnancy look like How much is usually there And how long should it last Is it normal to bleed a little off and on during the day for a couple of days?

A normal pregnancy, there is no blood at all, at any stage of the pregnancy until the very end, where some women may loose their mucus plug. Spotting generally is when you wipe and there is a pink tinge, or you wear a pad and find some (but not much) blood. Some women get a bit of spottign around the time their period is due, which is called implantation spotting. I spotted and bled through 3 of my pregnancies, one of them I had 4 full on periods in the first 18 weeks, which was very scary. but my baby was fine. I would alwasy let your midwife know of any spotting. of any kind, pink or brown. just to be sure. goodluck Also, sex and internals can cause a little spotting without need for concern... make sure you let your lead maternity carer know

I took 2 pregnancy tests both were negative i spotted on October 18 and 19 and starting bleeding again on November 12 all while having some pregnancy symptoms?

You could still be pregnant or could have had a miscarriage:( yeah its sad but happens to many women out there. If i were you i would go see a doctor as soon as you can and tell them what you bin experiecneing. I had some spotting in the begining of my pregnancy its normal. So you might be pregnant.