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Be no the safe side and have a tetanus shot.

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Q: You step on a nail it wasnt rusty do i need a tenasis shot?
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What element do you need to make a rusty nail?


What do you need to do when you step on a rusty nail?

You need to wash the affected area immediately with soap and water, then you need to make certain that your tetanus shot is current. If not you should cover the wound with a clean dry piece of gauze and seek medical attention for a tetanus booster shot to protect you.

What do you need for iron to go rusty?

If you expose iron to air then it gets rusty but it sure does take ime to get rusty.

You steped on a nail and had a tetanus shot in 2004 do you need another shot?

Stepping on a rusty nail or any other type of puncture wound could cause a tetanus infection, a bacterial disease that affects the nervous system and is often fatal. This is not the ONLY way to contract the disease but one should always get checked out after cutting or puncturing the skin with any kind of rusty object.

Why does a rusty nail weigh more than the original nail?

Rust is iron oxide, a molecule consisting of iron and oxygen. The mass of the iron in the rust molecules comes from the original nail, but the mass of the oxygen has come from the air. When rust forms on iron, the mass of the iron object is increased by the mass of the oxygen that has combined with some of the iron.

What is the definition of the word rusty?

Rusty is determined to be old, brown, tinged of an object. That can also mean dead like the grass is rusty brown. Or a person is rusty mean they are old and need to learn it again.

Is tetanus found in the US?

Yes, but it is not contagious. You are only affected if you are cut on a rusty nail or similar object. It is prevented by a common vaccination available almost anywhere. It will typicaly last for up to 10 years before you need another.

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