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Wait another week and if you still have not had a proper period, test again.

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You are supposed to get your period 2 days ago you didn't you got spotting the day you were supposed to then again another day could you be pregnant?

Yes you could be pregnant or have a irregular period.

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Had 2 days of spotting followed by 2 days of regular bleeding then 2 more days of spotting and 11 days later you are spotting for another 2 days does this mean you are pregnant?

i dont know what to do!!!!!

What does it mean when you wipe ther is brown blood on the toliet paper?

This is spotting, it's light bleeding that has mixed with your discharge. This can occur at the start of end of your period, or it may be spotting for another reason such as ovulation spotting.

Its 3 days after her period and 2 days after conception and she has brownish spotting you are worried she may be pregnant she is supposed to ovulate on October 4 and you had sex Sept 25 Is She Pregnan?

I would say no.What do you mean by 2 days after conception? You haven't conceived yet if you haven't ovulated. The brown spotting could just be old blood being released. Another way your body uses to clean it's self out. Sperm lasts in the body for 5 days but an egg only lasts for like 24-48 hours. If she hasn't ovulated, chances of releasing an egg already are very, very slim.

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Spotting 6 days before period due then lighter than normal period for 2 to 3 days could you be pregnant as period not due for another day?

Pregnancy is a possibility but it's slim. I would recommend that you perform a pregnancy test in 2-3 weeks to determine if you have conceived or not.

You are two weeks late you have taken two neg preg tests within a week apart Im still experiencing symptoms and yesterday you had light brown spotting Is it too late for implantation bleeding?

No, it's not too late for implantation bleeding. Take another test in a week

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NOAnother AnswerThere may, however, be spotting during pregnancy.

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If you are spotting and its pinkish is that a bad sign?

It could be a sign of pregnancy, or another issue. Best to consult with your physician.

If I'm spotting does that mean I am pregnant I'm spotting 4 days before my period is due. Is this normal?

I was spotting the day I was due for my period and the next day it was gone. WHich is odd for me because im usually very heavy. So I waited another week and took a test. I was pregnant and continued to spot for another week or two still. But it could mean your stressed to and its causing you not to get your period.

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