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No not necessarily - she just means that just because girls dress a certain way does not mean they all look like guys and referring that she dresses the way she does and doesn't look like a guy.

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Did Eleanor of Aquitaine like girls?

yes, she liked girls because she was female just like them!

Is Chad shoults gay?

No, because he is my friend Keelie's daddy, therefore he had to of liked girls.. so BAM!! -Twitchyypoo(:

I'm bi-sexual i'm female and have liked my best female friend for the past 2 years How do I tell her i like her?

Don't tell her let her find out

Why did pharaohs wear headresses?

they liked how the looked

The guy you liked told your best friend he liked you?


How would you find out if a boy liked a girl?

I guess if he looked at her a lot, acted different towards her then to other girls, was using body language, touching her and talking to her a lot.

What do you do when the boy you like likes your friend?

What you do is you talk to your friend see if she like him if she doesnt you flirt with him and make him like you if she does like him tell her you like him too and maybe she will back offI liked this boy, who looked perfect with one of my friends and at first i tried getting them together until i realized i liked him, then he acted like he liked my friend, and i was really sad, so if this ever happens just talk to the guy, and get him to tell you if he likes your friend if he does then just try and get over him, if he doesnt like her then try to get him to like you.

You had a girls friend ask you if you liked her friend you said no and when asked why she paused and said she was just kidding does that mean that girl likes you or are you overthinking it?

That could mean either. But if I had to guess the girl was probally covering her friend. Just use your instincts.

How can you tell her that you like her?

IM 10 BUT I KNOW WHAT GIRLS LIKE.. Get your friends gf to ask her who your crush likes. If your crush likes you TELL THEM if they like someone else dont change just be her understanding friend and shell TOTALLY like you. My friend Sophie told me that my crush ethan REALLY LIKED ME and i told her i liked him and she looked at him and said youll here a scream in 5 seconds and i did and he asked me on a date. U CAN DO ANY 1 U WANT!! have a good relationship!

What does it mean when a guy you used to like some times stares at you after you told him that you liked him as a friend?

He probably found out that you liked him back then when you liked him more than a friend, and once you told him that you liked him as a friend, he probably is just thinking about the feelings he has for you or trying to make sense of his emotions.

Who is the person most liked on the outsiders?

sodapop ponyboy and twobit r the most liked for girls for boys cherry is liked

How do you use angel in a sentence?

The girl looked liked a beautiful angel.

Why was the Treaty of Versailles not liked?

It was looked at unfair to Germany, too harsh.

Did Artemis ever like girls?

Artemis the Greek goddess was supposed to protect girls until they get married, so of course she liked them. She never liked any girls romantically though.

What did Hitler do when he was a teenager?

he liked girls and hanged out with them

Would Jeff Hardy be your friend?

If he liked you!

What kind of friend is Benvolio to Romeo?

Benvolio is a very liked friend to Romeo.

When the person that likes you their friend stares?

Their friend may have already liked you or is jealous

What fashion is liked by Indonesian girls?

There are many different fashions in Indonesia that girls wear and therefore it is difficult to pinpoint. For example, what fashion is liked by Mexican girls? This would give similar random results.

What did Chuck Norris did when he was a kid?

he looked like a piece of garbage and no one liked him.

Did homer hickam have a crush on his teacher miss riley?

No, he just looked up to her alot. At the beginnig he liked Dorthy but by the end he liked Valentine.

How do you heal from finding out that your friend kissed your crush and she knew you liked him?

find another friend, obviously she wasn't such a true friend now was she?. knowning that you liked him. And there are many more guys out there for you. he's not the only one

What was abagail adams' accomplishment?

she liked girls.

Why did Bella fall in love with edward?

She liked girls.

How does somebody like a guy your friend likes?

More than one person can like a guy you know. Ask him out, its not fair or a nice thing to do as a friend to say 'You can't like him because I liked him first' If she says that shes not a great friend. The guy will choose who he liked and you can't 'steal someone's guy' because it's his choice who he likes. Probably he will enjoy two girls fighting over him.

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