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If it read negative after one or two minutes then that's your result. If you wait around a few hours and look at the same test it want be accurate because the Ph of the urine changes the longer it sits out. It should say some where in the package that the kit came in not to wait after so long to read the result. If you took a second test, like you said you did the next day and it was negative, then you are negative. When you are pregnant you release a hormone called HCG, and the test they put out now are really good at picking up this hormone if you are indeed pregnant.

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A Week n 4 days till your next period could you be pregnant?

Yes! you could be pregnant!

If you take a pregnancy test and a positive line is faint but the negative like is bold what does it mean?

It could mean you are pregnant, but very early. You could have also been pregnant, but you no longer are. A lot of women are pregnant but never know it because the egg doesn't inplant and passes at the next period.

Can you lh surge and ovulate the same day? ovulate anywhere from 12-36 hours after your LH surge so if you get a positive LH surge in the morning you could still ovulate that night...Ovulation will typically occur in the next 36 hours.. ovulate anywhere from 12-36 hours after your LH surge so if you get a positive LH surge in the morning you could still ovulate that night...Ovulation will typically occur in the next 36 hours..

Could you be pregnant if you had your period twice in one month and than have it once the next month?

could i be pregnant if i had my period twice in one month and than once the next month

One pregnancy test showed faint positive at night then the next morning on a different brand of test showed negative could i be pregnant?

Take another one to be sure

Could you be pregnant if you had a late period which is unusual and it was not as long as normal and the next week you had brownish discharge?

Yes you definitely could be pregnant.

Does it mean you are pregnant if you took a pregnancy test that came out negative while it was still wet but the next morning it looked faintly positive?

If it didn't show up as positive within ten minutes of taking the test, it is probably negative. Many tests show up positive after sitting out for a few hours.

My pregnancy test was negative and then changed to positive the next day. is this normal?

Yes - you're pregnant

If I had a miscarriage and my pregnancy symptoms disappeared but now they are back could I still be pregnant?

If you really had a miscarriage, you can't still be pregnant, but you could be pregnant again before you get your next period.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you are 4 days late and a home test came back positive and the next day you were on you period or spotting?

That might be implantation bleeding. If the test was positive then you are probably pregnant, you have to have the hormone in your system for it to show a positive pregnancy test. Hope this helps.

Could you be pregnant if you have tender breasts but no discharge?

You could be. Take a pregnancy test if you miss your next period

Could you be pregnant 4 days of spotting 1 day bleed then spotting for the next 3days?

If you had unprotected sex, yes you could be pregnant even with the spotting.

Sore ichy nipple and you lump next to it what is this?

you could be pregnant - get a test done

You think you are pregnant and are not sure what the first steps you should take are.?

If you believe you are pregnant you should take an hpt. If it comes out positive,make an appointment with a doctor to determine what is next.

If you took a pregnancy test that showed positive Then you started your period the next day Was this just a false alarm or could you actually be pregnant?

Either is a possibility. See your doctor ASAP for proper diagnosis & treatment.

You missed your contraceptive pill and took it the next day and took 2 together and got the morning after pill but then had sex a few hours after you took the morning after pill could you be pregnant?


Could a woman be pregnant and have period?

No, if you think you are pregnant but your having your period then you are not pregnant. if your by the age of 50, it could be menopouse, or if your period is irregular, you could of just skipped, but... if that happened, beware of next month. answer.... a woman can have her period when she first gets pregnant....after getting pregnant she can have her expected period the next month, so just cuz u have ur period does not mean ur not pregnant, it will be light and spotted or last just a few days though...

Could you be pregnant if your period is ten days late but a urine test shows that it is negative then you come on your period but it is lighter than usual?

If you are 10 days late but the pregnancy test is negative, it is pretty certain you are not pregnant. These tests will start to show a positive result a couple of days before your period is due, so it would be a definite positive by now if you were pregnant. If you have gotten your period, you are definitely not pregnant. It could be just a little lighter this month - nothing to be too concerned with unless it happens next month. More than likely you are not pregnant....especially if the home test says negative.

Is there any chance i could be pregnant as me and my partner used a condom and the next day i came on my period?

Why are you even thinking about it? Of course you are not pregnant.

If i feel dizzy one day have stomach cramps the next could you be pregnant?


Could you still be pregnant if your period came on the next day?

It's extremely unlikely.

You had intercourse then came on the next day for 2 days and was very light could i be pregnant?


If you have been nauseated have apink discharge your cycle is due the next day could you be pregnant?


Can you have pregnancy symptoms the next day?

Yes I think you can. I had sex and the next day I knew I was pregnant. I just felt different! I did a test 4 days later & it was positive!! GOOD LUCK

You were two and a half weeks late you took a test and it was negative you and your bf had sex and the condom broke the next day you started your period is there a chance you could get pregnant?

If this was the ONLY time you have had intercourse since your last monthly period, there is next to no chance that you could be pregnant.

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