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Yes, of course it could be wrong. However, "feeling sick" could be due to the flu, a hangover or any other illness. Most pregnancy tests are pretty accurate. Good luck!

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Can negative pregnancy test be wrong?

a negative pregnancy test can be wrong because it could have misditected, a positive pregnany can't be wrong though.

Could you be pregnant if you have been feeling sick for the past 3 weeks but you had a very light period but still have lots of pregnancy symptoms or could something else be wrong?

It could just be hormones, but you should take a home pregnancy test to be sure. If it's negative, see your doctor to find out what else could be wrong. Good luck!

What does it mean if I am feeling sick at certain parts of the day having period cramps but no period and negative pregnancy test?

I'm 2 weeks late and I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and a blood test all came back negative. I have all the symptoms missed period, sore breats, and morning sickness. Could a blood pregnancy test be wrong? or could I have had a miscarriege?

What could be wrong if you have a jumpy twitchy stomach but several pregnancy tests have been negative?


Can a negative pregnancy test be wrong?

sure it can. why could it not be. tests are not 100 % correct all the time.

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late on your period and are testing negative on a pregnancy test?

Yes. Home administered pregnancy tests can be administered wrong and lead to a false negative result.

What could be wrong if I don't have my period for 2 weeks but pregnancy tests are negative.?

The pregnancy test is valid 10 days after intercourse. Stress could delay your cycle. relax.

What could be wrong if my friend has missed her period (6 months late) and has signs of pregnancy but all tests are negative?

All home pregnancy tests*

Can a pregnancy test that comes back negative be wrong if you are still having symptoms of pregnancy?


What could be wrong with you i am 15 days late and you have taken 4 home pregnancy tests and they have all come out negative?

i would get a blood pregnancy test done. maybe your HCG levels are just really low. Could also be a chemical pregnancy

You are having clear discharge and having sharp you have been real Nauseated and sometimes throwing up You have been tested for STD's it was all negative What is wrong?

Have you done a pregnancy test? The feeling nauseated could be a symptom. If you are not go and get a smear test too.

What could be wrong if you are using the Nuva Ring and have skipped your last two periods but tested negative for pregnancy?

See your DR. You may need a pregnancy blood test and a change to contraceptive.

What could be wrong if you haven't had a period in three months but all pregnancy tests are negative tests?

there could be many health related issues with that you should contact your doctor.

Missed your period last month pregnancy test says negative you have pink discharge headaches and cramps it is time for your next months cycle and still no period What is wrong?

pregnancy test could be wrong. try a more accurate one

How likely is it that a pregnancy test is wrong showing symptoms no period negative test?

Most pregnancy tests are 99%

Could a positive pregnancy be wrong?


What could be wrong if you haven't had your period in 2 months and tests are negative?

See your doctor. It could be a number of things. You could be pregnant. Some people have to have blood test to confirm pregnancy it will never show up on a urine pregnancy test. See your doctor

You are spotting when you were suppose to get a period Took a pregnancy test came out negative could you be pregnant?

you might tecnology these days you never know if there right or wrong

What if you take 2 pregnancy test and it says negative and you still haven't had your period?

That means that you need to go to a doctor, because something could be wrong.

Can you get a positive pregnancy test and then after two days later two negative tests?

yes you can, its called a false positive. However check with your doctor to see if you are pregnant as it could be that the negative tests were wrong.

If you don't have your period and you have have two negative pregnancy tests could there be something else wrong besides pregnancy?

Probably not. Wait for a few more months and then see a doctor if it still hasn't come back

You have not had a period in 3 months and you had 3 negative pregnancy test could you have any serious disease?

not really, your either getting your period late, or..... the pregnancy tests are wrong. I would suggest to consult your docter

What could go wrong with pregnancy?

the baby could have a birth deffect!

Your cousin you and your bff had dreams bout babys or pregnancy ive been feeling sickly have pregnancy symptoms may this be a hint that you are expecting?

It could be or it could just be that you are thinking about pregnancy too much and are a worrier that you have everything wrong with you when in actual fact you are perfectly normal. I would take a test just to be sure.

The negative sign in result window was really light could it be a false negative?

Home pregnancy test can be wrong but any mark in the result window, even if very faint, is positive for pregnancy. Retake the test...the best time to test is in the morning when your urine is concentrated.