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No it should not effect the results of the test if you are not sure of the results go buy another one and retake it or if you don't like that idea simply go to your doctor and have a blood test performed which is a lot more accurate than the at home tests... Good Luck hope this helps, and God Bless!!!

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โˆ™ 2006-03-24 23:30:56
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Q: You took a pregnant test when you were wiping brownish Could this effect the results?
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Does wiping your vagina after sex decrease your chance of getting pregnant?


Can you get a girl pregnant after wiping off the sperm from your hand then figuring her?

Unlikely but not impossible.

Can you get pregnant from wiping semen on a wet towel and then using the same towelto wipe yourself?

i dont think you can

Can you get pregnant from wiping sperm on your vagina with toilet paper?

Why would you want to do this? There is a possibility that you can become pregnant. If some of the spirm enter the vagina then yes you can become prego. :)

Can you get pregnant by wiping your vagina with baby wipe right after sex?

Of course not. There's only one way to get pregnant and if you don't know it then you have no business asking this question.

How magnets effect tape recordings?

They affect it by completely wiping any memory of what is recorded on the tape

How likely can a girl get pregnant if a guy fingers her about twenty minutes after ejaculating on his hand and wiping it off as clean as he can get it?

Not likely.

Can a male get a female pregnant by fingering her?

Possibly, if he just got done masturbating with wiping his load off his hands.

Is it possible to have implantation bleeding after your period is finished?

My boyfriend and i have been having unprotected sex for a couple of weeks now. My boyfriend tells me that before her cums he pulls out (but still if im pregnant it can be because of pre cum) anyways i had a period and looking back to my period it was strange it wasnt a normal flow. After my period was over five days later i go to the bathroom and after i wipe i see a light brownish color on the toilet paper at first it was like a darkish brown color but as i kept wiping and wiping the amount of bleeding got smaller and smaller this lasted about a day and a half. am i pregnant?

Can a girl get pregnant from wiping semen with a wet soapy towel then washing it then wiping her vagina?

Yes I had a towel with semen from 3 weeks ago and had to get an abortion from doing the exact same thing it even went through the wash.

Can you get pregnant after giving a hand job then the kid taking his shirt and wiping the semen off the hands off then fingering?

possibly....but not likely.

How is the global warming effect the bearded dragon?

its giving male eggs female organs when they are born- thus wiping out males

Is it normal to have like brown stringy gel stuff coming out when wiping at 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant?

yes its called implantation

Could you be pregnant if your period was almost 3 weeks late and you're having symptoms of pregnancy and now you're lightly bleeding when wiping?

It's possible you are pregnant. Take an HPT or see your doctor.

Can you get pregnant from wiping a wet wash cloth on your privates?

There must be penetration in order for the sperm to make it to the eggs. You will not get pregnant however there is still a chance of STD's. Please get yourself checked out and be careful of anything you put on your skin

Could you be pregnant if you sometimes see red when wiping?

If this is happening around the time you normally get your period, then it could be implantation bleeding, which means you are pregnant. It could also be a very "off" period this month. If you think you are pregnant, you should wait a couple of more days and then take a test.

Can you get pregnant from wiping semen on a dry towel and then using the same towel to wipe yourself off?

No, the sperm in semen would be dead within moments of hiting the towel.

Your boyfriend ejuaculated on his hand and on his penis you wiped his hand and penis off with baby wipes and had protected sex after can you still get pregnant after wiping with moist baby wipes?

Probably not, but it's always a possibility. If ANY sperm gets in the vagina, you WILL get pregnant

A piece of cloth for wiping your nose?

A piece of cloth used for wiping noses is called a handkerchief.

Can a girl be pregnant if she possibly fingered herself after wiping semen off her hand and took the morning after pill 50 hrs later?

Hello, There is no chance of pregnancy occurring in this situation.

Can you pass genital warts to your son by wiping his butt?

If by wiping his butt, you mean doing him, then yeah sure.

Is wiping a verb?

Yes, wiping is a verb; the present participle of the verb to wipe. The present participle of a verb is also an adjective and a verbal noun called a gerund. Example uses: Verb: He was wiping up the spilled milk with the elbow his jacket. Adjective: The wiping cloths are in a bucket under the sink. Noun: Wiping is the best way to keep it clean, washing will ruin the finish.

Can you get worms from not wiping your butt?


Are you pregnant if you started your period a few days late but it was normal for 3 days but then got really light and on the 4th day the blood was darker and on 5th day there was blood after wiping?

no you arn't

Wiping cloths should be kept?

Any wiping cloths that are not dry must be stored in a sanitizer solution at all times.