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you have a vacuum hose not attached or broken, check all while engine is running, pull off and cover intake hole with finger tip,

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Is it possible to have an infection in your hip after removal of tumor grafting and dynamic hip screw a year later?

Yeah it is. The screw could've had bactria on it from something. And it could possibly stay there.

What is the difference between screw and nut?

A nut is called screw when its head is tightend in component .but in case, tight of nut is not possible without bolt.since screw is tight without nut bolt it is not possible in case of nut.

What is a sentence for have a screw loose?

I think we have a screw loose on the swing.You have a screw loose in your head.

Why is a light bulb an example of a screw?

The screw part or the part that holds it in place in many cases is a screw, so in that case it could be held up as an example of a screw. I doubt however if a light bulb with a bayonet fitting could be held as an example of a screw.

Is it possible for a mouse to screw a polar bear?

No, never.

Is it possible to measure the diameter of horse hair with micrometer screw gauge?

Yes, it is possible

What are possible errors that can occur when using the mircometer screw gauge?

two types of zero errors are possible in screw gauge,positive zero error and negative zero error.

What is a screw?

A screw is a simple machine used to hold things together. You can find screws in almost any piece of furniture such as chairs and tables.

Is a shovel a screw?

No. In terms of scientific classification of tools, it would be a wedge and possible a lever. A screw is basically a ramp that is in rolled form.

Is it possible to unscrew a rusted screw which is stuck?

well I have.......... so it means you can

Can a screw harm a child?

They could eat it or if it's sharp it could stab them

Do you have to screw the gps car holder into the dash of your car?

I do not believe that you have to screw the gps holder into the dash of your car. If you do not know who to do this then you could bring it to a professional and they could help you install it.

What is the biggest possible reading on the micrometer screw gauge?

according to me it would be 0.45

Is it possible to get your computer hacked while playing Combat Arms?

yes it possible but not likely if your only playing combat arms and not downloading and hacks or mods etc. if your doing that make sure its scanned and not infected it could screw up your computer bad

How much load could a M6 screw can carry?

Min 80.4 Kg (4.6 Property class screw) max : 194 Kg (Higher Property Class Screw)

How do you adjust the idle screw on a 2000 Buick leseabre?

You don't, fix the vacuum leak that's causing the eratic idle conditions

Where is a pozidrive screw used?

The pozidrive screw is a modified phillips head screw that can be used in almost any application. It has 4 additional cuts in the head and it takes a special tool to remove them although a regular phillips head screwdriver will work if they are not very tight.

Could the drug test place screw up your results?


How could they screw this up so bad old tom was a?


Is it possible to cheat your way into an Ivy League college?

Technically it is possible, but it is not recommended. It is very easy to get caught, and that would royally screw you over for good.

How does a screw make a job easier?

Inputs force vertically almost like a saw. This changes the amount of force.

In what way is a screw similar to an inclined plane?

A screw is an inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder

How do you change the fan belt in an 02 frontier 4-cylinder 2'4L?

the fan belt has an adjustment screw by the power steering pump.loosen the adjustment screw belt should almost fall off.

Can you please tell me the step to step process on which holds better wood a nail or screw?

don't know what you mean by step by step process, but I can say with confidence that a screw will almost always hold better.

Screw holes on distributor cap are stripped?

As the screw holes on the distributor caps are used to hold the cap down, when stripped, the cap could be JB Weld. ?æRe-drill the screw hole once the weld cures.