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You and the party you owe debt to will have to work out an agreement for repayment. This may require the help of a mediator.

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What is a trilateral contract?

it is an agreement withing more than 2 countries.

What was the 1928 agreement among more than 60 nations that condemned the use of war?

The Kellogg-Briand Pact was the 1928 agreement among more than 60 nations that condemned the use of war.

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Is it true than more than half teens have tried marijuana?


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Is it illegal to charge more for electricity than what you are charged?

It is not illegal to charge more for electricity that for what you were charged. You should look into your agreement you signed with your landlord to make sure what the agreement states.

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Can a former patient become a counselor?

more than likely if they tried

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Not if you were acquitted the first time.

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What is an adverb for agreement?

One adverb related to agreement is "agreeably." It means in an agreeable or amicable manner.It is used more frequently than the other adverb form, which is agreeingly.

What is contract and agreement?

There is a minor difference between contract and agreement. The outline of a contract is more formally presented than the terms laid out in an agreement. A contract contains the obligations and authority that the court has to enforce while the agreement is a less formal version of the two parties obligations.

What legal papers other than the purchase and sale agreement should be signed between 2 or more parties wishing to buy an investment property together?

purchase agreement

When Stamp paper date is later than agreement date?

We can use the recent date stamp paper for old or back date agreement. To keep on record and to be inforced by law, two or more persons enter into an agreement to safeguard the intrests of eachother.

How do you get more than one follower on Fallout 3?

u cant i av tried as well!:(

How does double jeopardy protect citizens from the government?

You can not be tried for the same crime more than once.

What is the risk factor if the patners share in more than you?

It depends entirely on how the agreement or contract is written. Presumably gains are apportioned by agreement. Losses will be too. By and large with a "shares" system that happens automatically.