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You used a picture from the web on your personal webpage how do you cite it?


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First of all, it's important to know that you can't always take a picture and use it without the permission of the author. Some websites ask that you not reuse their images. Be careful that you are not violating someone's copyright by using their image without their permission. Of course, citing a photo you use (with permission) is just like citing any other source in any other medium: the citation depends on the context and usage: == If you are using an image in a formal context, like an academic work, it's in your best interest to cite the image formaly... for example: "Description or title of image. [Online image] Available http://address/filename, Date." == If you are using an image less formally, a casual mention of the owner or site can be appropriate: "Thanks to Soandso for the image." or "Here's a picture of Soandso that Whatshisface took yesterday." == If you are using a picture as part of the design of a page or in a location where an explicit citation is inconvenient (and you have the author's permission), a brief note in the source code of the page is often appreciated. In any case, you should link to the author's page or provide a link to the picture in its original context whenever possible.


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