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You want information on the zipper?

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Q: You want information on the zipper?
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How do you fix a zipper on a Jeep softtop?

Can you be more specific? I would just use WD-40 if you are having a hard time running the zipper. However, if the zipper teeth are broken or missing then you might want to take the top to a boat repair shop. They can usually stitch on a new zipper without a problem.

How many teeth in a zipper?


Is zipper a gear?

A zipper is not a gear.

How zipper is used as a noun in a sentence?

The noun 'zipper' can be used as the subject of a sentence or a clause, and as the object of a verb or a preposition. Examples:The zipper is stuck.The sweater that the zipper snagged was my favorite.I can't reach this zipper.The tear is in the seam of the zipper.

What kinda inventions were around in the 1913?

Well, the zipper was invented in 1913.Well, the zipper was invented in 1913.Well, the zipper was invented in 1913.Well, the zipper was invented in 1913.Well, the zipper was invented in 1913.Well, the zipper was invented in 1913.

How do you pronounce zipper?

Exactly as it sounds - zipper.

How has the zipper improved?

the zipper got better

What are Zipper tooth sizes?

Zipper teeth refer to the two sides of a zipper chain... The little teeth are the bits that come out for the zipper to close together.

What is a zipper?

A zipper is another name for a zip fastener.

Who inveted the zipper?

Gideon Sundback invented the zipper.

Can you use zipper as a verb?

Yes, zipper is often used as a transitive verb. "Zipper your jacket" meaning to close your jacket, or "Zipper your lip" meaning to be quiet or shut up.

Can you hand stich a zipper to close?

well you can buy a zipper and stich it on but its almost impossible to make one if you cant buy it then just get an old sweater rip off the stiches and se it on to whatever you want

What is the answer for Buttons is to shirt as zipper is to?

Buttons is shirt as zipper is to JACKET

What does the ykk stand for on a zipper?

ykk is the name of the zipper company.

When was Talon Zipper created?

Talon Zipper was created in 1893.

When did Herbert Zipper die?

Herbert Zipper died in 1997.

When was Herbert Zipper born?

Herbert Zipper was born in 1904.

What is the Brand Name a Zipper Binder?

a zipper binder is simply a binder with pockets, some times a sorter and a sealed zipper.

When did whitcomb l judson invent the zipper?

The zipper was invented in 1893

What are the cons of a zipper?

It has no cons. The zipper is the best with no cons and just pros.

Who made the zipper in 1893?

The zipper was made in 1896 by W.L. Jadson.

What nicknames does Eric Zipper go by?

Eric Zipper goes by Zippy.

Is zipper a word. can you say I dont need to zipper it up?

Zipper is a noun. The verb is zip. I don't need to zip it up.

When was the first zipper made?

The zipper was first made in 1851. The first zipper was created by Elias Howe and he was also the inventor of the sewing machine.

When using a sewing machine to insert a centered zipper the zipper should be basted face down to just the seam allowance?

Yes, when inserting a zipper, the zipper should be basted in first (to stabalize it while it's sewn in). When basting the zipper, it should be basted to only the seam allowance.