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It is possible to buy repossessed land from the bank. Most banks hold monthly auctions where they sell repossessed land, houses, cars, etc. The prices of these items are usually considerably lower than retail cost, so it is a good investment.

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Q: You want to buy reposessed land from the bank?
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Did the freedmen's bank lend money to the African Americans to buy land?

Freedmen's Bank

Should you buy reposessed car?

I would avoid purchasing a reposessed car because in some cases, cars that are reposessed are trashed. I had a friend who looked at a car that was a repossession and there were things missing from the car (radio with CD player). I would avoid purchasing a reposessed car because in some cases, cars that are reposessed are trashed. I had a friend who looked at a car that was a repossession and there were things missing from the car (radio with CD player).

Why did Jefferson want to buy the land along the east bank of the Mississippi?

because he is worried the US frontier will be blocked from moving west. i hope its helpful.

When you want to buy a hause go to the banck and take out a?

When you want to buy a house, you can go to your bank and (hopefully) take out a mortgage.

What is the cost of land per acre in Canada?

Depends where the land is and where you want to buy.

How can you buy land without a house so you can tent it or build your own?

By going to a real estate office and telling them you want to buy vacant land. You pick out the land you want, get financing if necessary, and close on it. Lots of people buy vacant land.

Should I buy a foreclosure from a bank?

The only way to buy a foreclosure is through the bank. If you want to save money you can try to pay in cash.

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How old do you need to be to buy land?

You have to be 18 years old or the age of majority in the state you want to buy land in. Purchasing land involves a contract and you have to be 18 to enforce a contract.

I want to buy agricultural land in madhyapradesh can I buy?

This is not the place to be asking that question. Please direct your question to the people in the locale you wish to purchase land in.

How do you buy a savings bond?

Go to the bank with your Id and social security number and tell them you want to buy a savings bond

What is the cause of economic problem in the world?

The main cause is the realters. They are trying to convince, for example, a man who has $100,000 to buy a house worth $500,000. Eventually, the man can no longer pay off his debt, and his house will be reposessed by the bank. That is the beginning of our economic problem.

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Can you still buy a car if you have on your credit report that you had a car reposessed?

Yes, IF you pay more down payment and higher interest rates.

How do you get a farm?

Find land that is suitable for what you want to produce, buy it, then start learning about that land and its climate and farm accordingly.

How much does land cost in Brazil?

Well, it particularly depends in which state or city you want to buy. Secondly, the price also varies if you want to buy productive land, commercial land or land for a house. Moreover, the land near coastal areas facing beach would be dearer as compared to land outside the main city.

How do you buy railroads in monopoly?

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want to buy all three seasons of promise land tv series with Gerald mcraney can you help?

Did most immigrants to the middle colinies want the chance to buy their own land?


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Where in MI can you get loan for an used Dodge Sprinter if you want to buy it from a private seller?

Bank, Credit Union, ...........

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Can florins be exchanged at the Bank of England?

No, the Bank of England is concerned with note printing.If you have Florins that you want to get rid of, take them to a reputable coin dealer who may buy them from you.

What do I have to do in order to buy CD at the highest rate on line, or in bank. Which Bank ?

To get the highest rate CD, you'll want to put in as much money as possible for the longest term possible. which bank, georgia which bank in covington georgia

Why do we need a bank?

We need a bank because without it we cant make loans and if we cant make loans we cant buy off land and property and things we need and once we buy these things and pay back the loans the bank gets more money wich goes to the government